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C1D1 Explosion Proof Extraction Room Equipment Package - Designed for 20' Container Extraction Rooms

Part # EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1    Price: $10,835.52

Spec Sheet   

The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 from Larson Electronics is an Explosion Proof Extraction Room Package that includes everything needed to convert a twenty foot container into a Class I Division 1 explosion proof extraction room. The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes one C1D1 exit signs, two surface mount 48" C1D1 LED light fixtures, one C1D1 3/4" feed through, single pole switch, two C1D1 3/4" feed through, 125V rated explosion proof outlets, two 24" C1D1 exhaust fans and one C1D1 alcohol sensor that can be used to operate one of the included exhaust fans.

The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes everything needed to outfit a 20` container with all of the necessary equipment to make the container an explosion proof extraction room. For more information on extraction rooms and explosion proof safety, please click here.

*PLEASE NOTE: This extraction room explosion proof equipment package does NOT include conduit, junction boxes, seal offs, unions, or flex couplers that may be needed for installation due to potential differences in layouts. Larson Electronics can provide all of those things at an additional cost.*

C1D1 Exit Sign Information: The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes (1) EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L C1D1 explosion proof exit signs. The EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L Explosion Proof LED Exit Sign with emergency battery back up from Larson Electronics is Class I, Divisions 1 &smp; 2, Groups A, B, C, D, Class I, Zones 1 & 2, Groups IIB+H2, IIA, Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G and Class III Divisions 1 & 2 rated for hazardous areas. Equipped with a 1.1 watt LED lamp, a 3 hour runtime and self diagnostic system, this failsafe exit sign helps show workers within hazardous environments where the exit is during power failures. This single sided exit sign is an ideal emergency exit marking solution for hazardous locations where failsafe reliability is a must.

The EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L is an effective option for operators who wish to ensure their hazardous workspaces employ the most up to date and reliable means of marking emergency exit-ways available. Under normal conditions this emergency exit lamp uses normal external power to illuminate its 1 watt LED array. In the case of power outages or in any situation where power is interrupted, this unit automatically switches to a battery backup which will power the unit for three hours or until power is restored. This fixture has three mounting options and is multi-voltage capable.

Exit Sign Features: The EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L features a backlit LED array that each contain eight LEDs, drawing a total of 1.1 watts. This explosion proof emergency LED fixture features brown-out, short circuit and voltage surge protection and has a low voltage disconnect which prevents damage to the battery caused by a deep discharge. This self-testing LED fixture will run for a minimum of 3 hours after a power failure thanks to the maintenance-free 3.6 volt NiCad battery. After emergency use, the battery takes 24 hours to completely recharge.

Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge

This emergency exit marking fixture is explosion proof and carries an integral battery backup power supply. When external power is cut due to outages or accidents this lamp automatically switches to its battery backup which will power the lamp for three hours, longer than the requirements specified in the NFPA 101. The EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L sign panel is back illuminated by LEDs and as a result draws only 1.1 watt of power and has an extreme LED luminary lifespan rated at 15 years. This fixture is approved for outdoor use and is resistant to saltwater making it suitable for use in marine environments.

Exit Sign Emergency Operation: The EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L features a backup battery that will run the fixture for at least 90 minutes following a power outage or any other loss of power. The included emergency backup battery is a 3.6 volt NiCad rechargeable unit. These batteries are maintenance-free and have a life expectancy of 15 years while being able to operate in a wide variety of conditions including in temperatures ranging from 0°C to +40°C. This unit also features a low voltage disconnect. This means that if the fixture detects that the battery`s terminal voltage has fallen below a certain level, the low voltage circuit will disconnect the emergency lighting load until normal power is restored. This prevents the battery from experiencing a deep discharge and becoming damaged.

Exit Sign Wiring: The EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L explosion proof emergency self-testing LED fixture is NOT a factory sealed fixture. Operators will bring their own wiring to a junction box and complete their connects. The operator will also provide their own seal off for this fixture. The EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L operates on 120/277V AC at 60Hz.

Exit Sign Mounting: The EXP-EMG-2L-LE6 is designed to be surface mounted to flat surfaces such as walls. The unions connecting the upper lamps to the lower indicator light enclosure allow for both horizontal and vertical adjustment. This gives operators the ability to adjust the light to their specific mounting location for ideal light coverage during a power failure or power outage.

LED Light Fixture Features:The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes (2) EPL-48-2L-LED C1D1 surface mount LED light fixtures. The Larson Electronics EPL-48-2L-LED Explosion Proof LED Light Fixture is United States and Canada approved Class I Divisions 1 & 2 and Class II Divisions 1 and 2 for areas where flammable chemical/petrochemical vapors exist or have the potential to exist. This explosion proof LED light has a T6 temperature rating and carries a paint spray booth light certification, making it ideal for applications such as paint booths, oil rigs, offshore applications, petrochemical, manufacturing, chemical storage, water treatment centers, and food processing plants.

This four foot, two lamp LED fixture is ideal for operators seeking a top quality explosion proof light that will reduce operating costs, improve lighting quality and reduce downtime incurred from frequent servicing intervals. The EPL-48-2L-LED is equipped with Larson Electronics specially designed LED T-series bulbs which produce 7,000 lumens, resulting in 30% more foot candles of illumination at 8 feet as compared to standard T8 lamps when measured with an Extech light meter. Our LED-T series bulbs are visibly brighter than standard T8`s and have consistently surprised many of our customers with their unexpectedly high light output levels.

We now offer our second generation LED tube lamps with this fixture which have increased this hazardous location light`s performance. This two lamp explosion proof LED linear fixture is lighter in weight, has a slimmer profile, and produces more light than traditional explosion proof fluorescent fixtures. The four foot long LED tube design bulbs included with this unit are rated at 50,000 hours of service life, which is over twice as long as standard T8 bulbs.

This fixture carries a T6 temperature rating and is approved for Class I Division 1, Groups C and D, Class I, Division 2, Group A, B, C and D, and Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups E, F and G environments where flammable or combustible gases, vapors, dusts, fibers, and flying exist or stand the potential to exist. This LED linear fixture is approved for use in confined spaces. Click here to read the NEC description for explosion proof and hazardous locations.

LED Benefits: Unlike gas burning and arc type lamps that have glass bulbs, LEDs have no filaments or fragile housings to break during operation and/or transportation. Instead of heating a small filament or using a combination of gases to produce light, light emitting diodes (LEDs) use semi-conductive materials that illuminate when electric current is applied, providing instant illumination with no warm up or cool down time before re-striking. Because there is no warm up period, this light can be cycled on and off with no reduction in lamp life.

LED lights run at significantly cooler temperatures than traditional metal halide and high pressure sodium lights and contain no harmful gases, vapors, or mercury, making them both safer and more energy efficient. No extra energy is wasted in cooling enclosed work areas due to external heat emissions from bulb type lights, and the operator risks associated with traditional lighting methods, such as accidental burns and exposure to hazardous substances contained in the glass bulbs, are eliminated. In addition, LEDs are also safer for the environment as they are 100% recyclable, which eliminates the need for costly special disposal services required with traditional gas burning and arc type lamps.

The 28 watt LED lamps produce 30% more illumination than standard T8 bulbs while offering lower amp draw and increased reliability. Each lamp produces 3,500 lumens at 125 lumens per watt, for a combined 7,000 total lumen light output. An EPL-48-2L-T8 explosion proof fluorescent light, with a combined total of 64 watts, draws 0.54 amps at 120 volts AC. This LED version of the same light, with a total of 56 watts, draws only 0.47 amps at 120 volts AC. The EPL-48-2L-LED is universal voltage, not multi-tap, and operates on any voltage from 120V to 277V AC 50/60hz without any modifications. We also make a 12/24V AC/DC version for low voltage applications for AC or DC power.

Energy Consumption Comparison
Wattage 108 watts 64 watts 56 watts
Amp Draw @ 120V AC 0.90 amps 0.54 amps 0.47 amps
Amp Draw @ 220V AC 0.49 amps 0.29 amps 0.25 amps
Amp Draw @ 240V AC 0.45 amps 0.27 amps 0.23 amps
Amp Draw @ 277V AC 0.39 amps 0.24 amps 0.20 amps
Amp Draw @ 12V DC 9 amps 5.34 amps 4.67 amps
Amp Draw @ 24V DC 4.5 amps 2.67 amps 2.34 amps
Lamp Life Expectancy 20,000 hours 24,000 hours 50,000 hours
Operation cost per year
(12hs/day @ 12c/kWh)
$56.77 $33.64 $29.43

Our EPL-48-2L-LED LED light fixture is U.S. and Canada approved for use in paint spray booths. Please note, according to the NEC, using threaded rigid pipe does not require additional seal offs with this fixture. An EYM and seal off is necessary for flex conduit or other non-rigid pipe implementations.

Surface Mount (Standard)
Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge

EPL-48-2L-LED Mounting: Each bracket is cinched to the bracket mounting peg on each side of the light. The angle of the bracket is set by tightening two cap screws on either side of the bracket. The cap screws act as a set screw. The bracket itself is mounted via a single bolt hole at the top the bracket. There are two brackets, one on each end of the light. Once the brackets are mounted to a surface (ceiling, floor or wall), the light fixture can be removed from the brackets by loosening the cap screws that hold the bracket to the mounting peg.

C1D1 Switch Features: The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes (1) EPL-SW1 3/4" feed through single pole switch. This explosion proof tumbler switch is ideal for operators seeking a high quality explosion proof switch rated for use in hazardous areas designated Class I Division 1 and Class II Division 1. This explosion proof switch is rated at 20 amps-120-277V AC and 1 HP at 120V AC and 2 HP at 240V AC. The entire unit is constructed of malleable iron and contains an internal sealing chamber constructed of copper free aluminum. This unit is easily wall mounted via integral mounting tabs at two corners of the housing and provides two 1/2" hub openings located on the top and the bottom of the housing for running electrical conductors in a feed through configuration. A bushing seal at each conductor opening prevents damage to wiring insulation.

Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge

This unit is rated to handle electrical loads of 120-277V AC up to 20 amps and is suitable for use in environments where combustible dusts and particulates may be present. The EPL-SW1 explosion proof switch cover and housing box is constructed of malleable iron with all arcing devices contained within an explosion proof labyrinth switch for the highest protection possible. This design does not require external sealing fittings. Each 3/4" hub opening is fitted with an integral bushing to prevent fraying or damage to insulation. Two external mounting lugs provide simple and secure mounting of the unit to walls and flat surafces. The unit box, switch, and face plate are all included with the product.

C1D1 Explosion Proof Outlet Features: The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes (2) EPO-20A 3/4" feed through 125V C1D1 outlets. This 20 amp rated power receptacle is ideal for operators seeking a high quality, wet area rated power receptacle suitable for use in industrial and manufacturing applications. This unit`s power receptacle is constructed of copper free aluminum and the housing is malleable iron. The unit is factory sealed and any arcing is safely contained with the interior of the receptacle. The receptacle contacts are deep recessed to avoid accidental contact and will not be energized by non explosion proof plugs to preserve explosion proof protection in hazardous environments. Ordinary location plugs will NOT activate this explosion proof receptacle.

Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge

The iron housing is finished in a triple-coat zinc electroplate, chromate and epoxy powder coat while the receptacle is finished with an epoxy powder coat. This unit is designed to withstand wet and corrosive conditions such as those found in docks and shipyards and comes with a spring loaded receptacle door to prevent ingress of water and contaminants when the unit is not in use.

The EPO-20A power receptacle is constructed of non sparking aluminum and finished with an epoxy powder coating while the housing is constructed of triple coated malleable iron for durability and added corrosion resistance. The internal receptacle plug contacts are constructed of brass and designed to maintain constant pressure along their entire length for superior connectivity. The plug receptacle is deeply recessed to prevent accidental contacts and designed for twist lock plug insertion to provide secure connections. A neoprene seal fitted inside the connector receptacle seals against the plug when inserted to provide positive sealing against water ingress. A spring loaded receptacle door provides an automatic weather-tight seal when the plug is removed. In standard installations within the hazardous location area, threaded rigid pipe is brought to the outlet and the outlet is affixes to a mounting surface.

This outlet is a mate for the Larson Electronics EPP-15A and EPP-20-A explosion proof plugs and is compatible with all the Larson Electronics explosion proof lights we make with an explosion proof plug.

Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge

C1D1 Switch Circuit Breaking Protection: This unit`s receptacle is designed to safely contain any arcs between the internal contacts that may be created within the receptacle housing.

C1D1 Switch Inter-Compatibility: These units are compatible with Crouse Hind™ plugs under catalogue number ""ENP5151" and Hubble-Killark Acceptor® plugs under catalogue number "UGP-20231,UGP-20232 ". Due to possible manufacturer changes we cannot guarantee interchangability although we have made every effort to ensure cross compatibility correctness.

C1D1 Exhaust Fan Features: The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes (2) EPF-HPSM-24-1HP 24" C1D1 ventilation fans. One of the included fans is intended to be operated with an alcohol sensor that is also included. When the sensor detects too high of a concentration of butane, it powers on the second fan.

The EPF-HPSM-24-1HP from Larson Electronics is a high pressure, high volume explosion proof ventilation fan that operates on 115-230V AC voltage. This high volume explosion proof ventilation fan features a 24" diameter spark resistant cast aluminum blade that moves air at a rate of up to 7820 cubic feet per minute (CFM) for superior ventilation and air movement. The EPF-HPSM-24-1HP is powered by a fully enclosed and explosion proof 1 horsepower motor.

Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge

The EPF-HPSM-24-1HP explosion proof fan is rated for Class I Group D and Class II Groups F & G hazardous environments. The 24" diameter propeller on this explosion proof high pressure ventilation fan is constructed from cast aluminum to resist sparking further increasing the safety of the hazardous environment in which the fan is being utilized. This single phase explosion proof ventilation fan has a 1 horsepower fully enclosed motor that can spin the propeller at a rate of 1750 RPM.

C1D1 Ventilation Fan Voltage: The EPF-HPSM-24-1HP explosion proof ventilation fan is multi-voltage capable and can operate on voltages ranging from 115-230V AC.

C1D1 Ventilation Fan Wiring: The EPF-HPSM-24-1HP is a hard-wired ventilation fan that should be installed according to national, state and local electrical and mechanical codes.

C1D1 Alcohol Sensor Features: The EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 includes (1) EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 C1D1 alcohol sensor. This sensor is intended to be paired with one of the included ventilation fans to turn the fan on when a high concentration of butane is detected within the extraction room.

The EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 Explosion Proof Alcohol Sensor from Larson Electronics is a Class I, Division 1 explosion proof toxic gas transmitter fitted with an alcohol sensor, which offers users a unique sensor response testing system for hazardous locations. This testing system verifies response checks with real gas sample generated on demand and features an easy to see LCD graphics display, internal data logger, alarms and many additional features that simplify installation, operation and maintenance. This explosion proof gas sensor is fitted with an alcohol sensor that detects 0-200 ppm.

The EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 is configured to detect alcohol vapors at a range of 0-200ppm and includes an electrochemical transmitter, an integral sensor holder and non-digital output. An LCD graphics display shows gas concentrations in large, easy to read numbers and also provides operators with alarm indication and menus to set up operating parameters. A backlight is available for use when 3-wire mode is used. This sensor also includes an internal data logger which stores measured gas values at intervals chosen by the user, which can be pulled up on the LCD screen at any point or downloaded using an interface.

Click Photo to Enlarge
Click Photo to Enlarge

This alcohol sensor offers non-intrusive operation, allowing operators to calibrate, view data, set up alarms and complete other tasks with a magnetic tool, eliminating the need to open the sensor’s enclosure. All program settings are password protected. Also included with this sensor is a scalable 4-20 mA programmable output range, three internal alarm relays transmitter, and analog output set to user defined values for loop testing without needing to apply gas to the sensor.

The EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 is built with cast aluminum housing, ideal for detecting gas leaks and other emissions and as a control system for oil rigs, manufacturing processes and other hazardous locations where explosive gases are present.

The EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 is fitted with an alcohol sensor, which plugs directly to the transmitter. This gas sensor is used to detect a wide variety of hydrocarbon gases, which can be calibrated by the user based on application. This gas detector contains a sensor, amplifier and memory module in one unit, allowing it to be calibrated independently and plugged into any detector for immediate use with no adjustments needed.

At Larson Electronics, we do more than meet your lighting needs. We also provide replacement, retrofit, and upgrade parts as well as industrial grade power accessories. Our craftsmen can custom build any lighting system and/or accessories to fit the unique demands of your operation. A commitment to honesty, quality, and dependability has made Larson Electronics a leader in the lighting and electronics business since 1973. Contact us today at 800-369-6671 or message for more information about our custom options tailored to meet your specific industry needs.

Specifications / Additional Information

EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 Explosion Proof Extraction Room Package Ratings/Approvals
EXP-EMG-EXT-LE6-1L Explosion Proof Exit Sign
Listing: United States & Canada Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups A, B, C, D
Lamp Type: LED Class I, Zones 1 & 2, Groups IIB+H2
Dimensions: 14.8"L x 12"H x 8" Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G
Voltage: 120-277V AC Class III Divisions 1 & 2
Watts: 1.1 3 Hour Emergency Runtime
Lighting Configuration: Back Illuminated Sign Panel Self-Testing Unit
Battery Backup Runtime: 3 Hours
Battery Backup: Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack
Faceplate Color: Copper Free Aluminum Housing
Materials: Red or Green
Mounting: Ceiling Mount, Pendant Mount or Wall Mount
Wiring: 3/4" NPT Wiring Hub

EPL-48-2L-LED Explosion Proof LED Fixture Ratings/Approvals
Listing: United States - Canada Class I Divisions 1 & 2, Groups C and D
Dimensions: 11.25"W x 52"L x 8.5"H Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups E, F, G
Weight: 45 Lbs UL 595 Marine Type (Saltwater)
Voltage: Universal 120-277VAC 50/60 Hz or 11-25V AC/DC UL 844
Total Watts: 56 Watts (28 Watts Per Lamp) UL 1598 Marine Type
Total Lumens: 7,000 (3,500 Per Lamp) Certified Canadian Standards
LED Lamp Life Expectancy: 50,000+ Hours Listed for Paint Spray Booths
Luminous Efficacy: 125 Lumens per Watt California Title 24 Compliant
Color Temp: 5600K, 4500K or 3000K IP67 Rated - Waterproof
Color Rendering Index: >80 T6 Temperature Rating
Beam Angle: 150° NEMA 4X
Power Efficiency: 90% LEL Listed LED Lamps
Power Factor: >0.95 Approved for Confined Spaces
Ambient Operating Temp Range: -30°C to +85°C Silicone Free
Operating Temp Rating: T6 Rated Factory Sealed Fixture
Minimum Operating Temp: -30°C Made in the USA
Maximum Case Temp: +90°C BAA Compliant
Housing Material: Cast Aluminum End Caps, Aluminum Reflectors - Copper Free
Lens Material: Hardened Borosilicate Glass Tubes
Gasket Material: Buna Rubber O-Rings
Mounting: Surface Standard
Wiring Hub: 1/2" NPT
Warranty: 5 Years*
U.L Approval: U.S Certificate  Canada Certificate

EPL-SW1 Explosion Proof Tumbler Switch Ratings/Approvals
Switch Voltage Rating: 120-277V AC Class I Divisions 1 & 2 Groups B, C, D
Switch Current Rating: 20 Amps- 1 HP @ 120V AC & 2 HP @ 240V AC Class II Division 1 & 2 Groups E, F, G
Grounding: Single Internal Housing Ground Screw Class III
Configuration: Feed Through, Front Switch NEMA 4
Hub Qty: (2) Feed Through NEMA 7 Groups C & D
Hub Size: 3/4" NPT Feed Through NEMA 9 Groups E, F, G
Unit Materials: Box/Receptacle- Malleable Iron, Sealing Chamber-Aluminum
Finish: Triple-coat—Zinc Electroplate, Chromate, Epoxy powder coat
Insulation: Integral Bushings in Conductor Openings
Mounting: External Mounting Lugs on Body
Unit Dimensions: 3.00"W x 4.69"D x 6.13"L
Switch Type: Single Pole

EPO-20A Explosion Proof Power Outlet Ratings/Approvals
Unit Dimensions: 3"W x 5.69"D x 6.13"H U.L.-Standard: No.-22.2,25,C22.2,30,C22.2,42,C22,159
Receptacle Current Rating: 20 Amp U.L Listed.- E10784, E81751
Configuration: 3 Pole 2 Wire CSA Standard: C22.2 No. 182.1
Number of Poles: 3 CSA Certified: 065179
Conduit Openings: 3/4" NEMA 3, 3R, 7BCD, 9FG
Mating Plugs: ****EPP-15A, EPP-20-A**** Class I Divisions 1 & 2 Groups B*,C, D
Grounding: Housing only Class II Divisions 1 & 2 Groups F and G
Unit Materials: Box- Iron /Receptacle- Copper Free Aluminum (4/10 of 1% max.) Class III
Finish: Box-Triple Coat / Receptacle-Epoxy Powder Coat
Insulating Blocks: Fiber Glass Reinforced Polyester
*Suitable for use in Class I, Division 1, Group B
when used with external seals.

EPF-HPSM-24-1HP Explosion Proof High Volume Ventilation Fan Ratings/Approvals
Type: High Pressure High Volume Ventilation Fan Listed for United States
Propeller Dimensions: 24" Diameter Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Group D
Propeller Material: Spark-Resistant Cast Aluminum Class II, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups F & G
Weight: 47 lbs Spark-Resistant Propeller
Voltage: Multi-Voltage - 115-230V AC Up To 7820 CFM Air Movement
Motor: 1 HP Fully Enclosed Explosion Proof Rated for Hazardous Environments
Full Load Amps: 13A @ 115V, 6.5A @ 230V Made in the USA
Rotations Per Minutes (RPM): 1750
Peak CFM (@ 0" SP): 7820
Max Sones @ 5`: 35.4
Wiring: Hard-Wire
Mounting: Permanent Mount

EXP-SNR-TG-EC-ITS-ALG-ALCH200 Alcohol Sensor Ratings/Approvals
Gas Type: Alcohol Class I, Divisions 1 & 2, Groups B, C, D
Transmitter Type: Electrochemical Without Arms Alcohol Sensor
Sensor Holder: Integral Holder LCD Graphic Display
Output: Analog Non-Intrusive Magnetic Operation
PPM Detection Range: 0-200 ppm Internal Data Logger
Sensor Sensitivity: 120 Lm/W Special Orders- Requirements
Operational Temp Range: >-25ºC to +55ºC Contact us for special requirements
Operational RH Range: 0-95% Non-Condensing Toll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Housing: Cast Aluminum Intl: 1-214-616-6180
Output Range: Scalable 4-20 mA E-mail:
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Part #:EXP-EXTRM-20FT-PKG-V1 (153626)
In Stock:Yes



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