Magnalight HML-5/HML-6 Golights and Military Spotlights Help and Information

HML-6M 12/24 Volt magnetic base  
HML-5 24 Volt magnetic base
HML-6M 12/24 Volt - 3200 Lumen HID Spotlight with 200 lb grip magnetic base  HML-5M 24 Volt Magnetic Spotlights 24 Volt - Hand Magnetic spotlight - Military HUMVEE - 10 Million Candle Power

You can view our full line of  Military LEDs, infrared LEDs, high power LEDs, and HID handheld lighting by visiting our Military Spotlights and our 24 volt Spotlights pages. We also produce an HML-3BB  12 Volt Spotlight with magnetic base for construction, utility work, boating, and hunting which is similar to our HML-5 series.

Magnalight HML5/HML6 Series

The Magnalight HML-5 (HML-5M / HLM-5M NSN 6220-01-550-6360) and HML-6 series are part of our line of  military grade 24 volt spotlights with magnetic bases designed for use on the Humvee, Bradley, 1088 and almost any other type of armored or non armored vehicle. These 24 volt spotlights have been tested and approved for use by the Marines, Army, Navy, and Air Force and are currently used in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the military’s Special Forces' Escalation of Force Kits which are deployed with each soldier. Over 7,000 HML-5 series spotlights were deployed in Iraq and have proven themselves effective and reliable in IED search and detonation missions as well as in general purpose use as targeting, location, and identification lighting. In November of 2006, Magnalight sent free HML-5 series spotlights with purchases of 2 or more to SFC Randy Henk's Camp Hit Unit in Iraq where they were received with great approval and given high marks for their power and effectiveness. You can read about this story here.


HML-5-PGM 24 Volt Gun Mount Spotlight Pictured Below

HML-5/HML-6 Specifications

The HML-5 and HML-6 series of spotlights are for use with 24 volt electrical systems and come equipped with a 21-foot cord with 3/8 inch ring terminals for direct battery connection. Optional cords terminating in cigarette socket plugs or spring clamps are available which allow quick connection and disconnection from power sources.  The HML-5M produces 10 million candlepower from a single halogen bulb while the HML-6 series produces 20 million candlepower from a single HID lamp. The HML-6M contains an integrated ballast which allows it to be operated with either 12 or 24 volt systems while the HML-5 series is for 24 volt electrical systems only.  These spotlights are very ruggedly constructed using heavy gauge steel, aluminum, plastic composites, and are water, sand and UV resistant. The HML-5 spotlights are equipped with 100lbs. magnetic mounts and the HML-6 spotlights are equipped with 200lbs. magnetic mounts that allow fast and simple mounting and positioning while providing enough holding power to keep these lights in position during aggressive maneuvers and off road conditions. Magnalight also stocks a full line of spotlights, LED lights, infrared LED lights, and 24 volt lights ideal for military applications.


24 volt HML-5 mounted with 50 cal. gun

HML-5/HML-6 Series - Golights - Military Lights Offered by Magnalight


HML-5M- 24 volt spotlight with magnetic base

HML-5M-   24 volt spotlight with magnetic base


HML-5M-BC - 24 volt spotlight with Battery Clamp Connection 

HML-5M-BC - 24 volt spotlight with Battery Clamp Connection  

ML-5M-CP - 24 volt spotlight magnetic base with Cigarette Plug 

HML-5M-CP - 24 volt spotlight magnetic base with Cigarette Plug  

HML-6M - 12/24 volt HID spotlight with magnetic base

HML-6M - 12/24 volt HID spotlight with magnetic base

Golight Stryker 3049H-M - Upgraded Golight remote control spotlight

LED10W-70 LED Light Emitter - 7, 10-Watt LEDs 6020 Lumen - IP68 - PWM Circuitry  

RCL360-HID Remote controlled Nightray Spotlight

Golight Stryker GL-3049-M 12 volt Golight wireless remote control spotlight

LEDLB-80X2E-IR IR LED Light Bar - 240 Watts -Extreme Environment

Golight Stryker GL-3049-M 24 volt Golight wireless remote control spotlight

Golight Stryker GL-3049-M 24 volt Golight wireless remote control spotlight

HML-5/HML-6 Ordering and Information

Larson Electronics manufactures the Magnalight HML-5 series 24 volt spotlight with magnetic base in Flower Mound, Texas. For this reason, Larson Electronics can configure our products to meet any specification. Please contact us at 214-616-6180 and/or to discuss requirements and purchasing. You can also call us Toll Free at 1-800-369-6671 or 1-903-498-3363 for after normal business hours. Fax information can be sent to 1-903-498-3364.  Larson Electronics operates between 9:00AM and 7:00PM CST.  We provide prompt phone response and can provide detailed technical information about our products as well as work with you to meet your specific lighting needs and requirements. We accept any type of credit card and have also included the ability to purchase our products via PayPal. International orders must be accompanied by bank a transfer in advance of shipping. Orders can also be faxed via purchase order to 1-903-498-3364


Military Personnel Purchasing Options

MILSTRIP and MIPR funds can be used by deployed soldiers to purchase our products via Form DD48.

Larson Electronics is a vendor of the US military. Our CAGE CODE is 41TL0.

D&B - 078373685  - TIN - 16-1541123 

Existing military contracts for Larson Electronics Magnalight spotlights include:

M20133-06-M-8691, M00681-06-P-0275, M67400-05-P-0729, W91GET-06-M-1304, W91GEU-06-P-0094, M00681-06-P-0138, M67004-06-P-1823, H92242-07-P-0308, W912K6-07-P-0083, W912CM-07-P-0327, W911RX-07-P-0316, N6133107H0228, M67004-06P1823, W911S1-07-W-0093, M67004-07-P-0402


Larson Electronics provides fast service and ships most orders received before 4:00 pm the same day. Please visit our shipping information page for full details.

Larson Electronics believes in strong customer service and is happy to take returns. Our commitment to high quality and rigorous testing results in a low return rate. Despite this, returns may be inevitable in some instances and we provide prompt return services as well as help with technical issues via phone at  903-498-3363. Visit our return policy page for full details. 

Magnalight Plastic Handcuff Key

The Magnalight plastic, concealable universal handcuff key is a popular SERE kit component. Military personnel including Air Force pilots, Navy SPAWAR, Navy Seals and Special Operations personnel conceal this unique key in their clothing or on their person. When in a hostage situation, the undetectable, non-metallic key can be silently removed and deployed to free themselves from any brand of handcuff in the world.

Magnalight multi-million candlepower HML spotlights and 24 volt spotlights are made the USA.

More information can be found by visiting our FAQ's page.

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