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ATEX and IEC Ex Flame-proof Explosion Proof Lighting & Equipment
Explosion Proof Lights
Explosion Proof Motors - Motors for Hazardous Locations
Industrial and Vaporproof Emergency Failsafe Lighting
Industrial Cord Reels and Tool Taps
Industrial Work Area Heaters
Machine Vision Lights
QC Series Industrial Portable Lighting - Quick Change Mount
Rig Lights
Stadium lights
String Lights and Temporary Light Stringers
Tank Cleaning Lights
Three Phase Motor Soft Starters
Vapor Proof LED Lights
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
Vehicle Mounting Plates
Workboat Light Fixtures & Lighting Equipment
Yacht Engine Room Lights
Color Changing LED RGB Lighting
Explosion Proof Cord Reels
GOLIGHT Spotlights
Larson FUTURE - Lease Lighting
Remote Area Lighting and Scene Lights
Utility Bucket Mount, Receiver Hitch & Trailer Mount Lighting
Aevum Control Lighting and Equipment - IIoT
Butane and Solvent Extraction Room Lighting and Equipment
DC to DC Transformers and Power Supplies
Explosion Proof Fans & Blowers
Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth Approved Lights
Explosion Proof String Lights
Explosion Proof Switchgear & Controls
Fleet Service Lights and Lighting Equipment
Industrial Equipment Trailers
Industrial Handlamps & Droplights
ISO 14644/FS-209E Clean Room Lighting
LED Blasting Lights
Night Time Fishing Lights
Portable AC Power Supply Units
Portable Power Distribution Panels
Power Distribution Panels with KVA Transformers
Self-Contained Lighting
Service Pit Lighting
Solar Generators & Solar Powered Lighting
Agricultural Farm Equipment Lighting & Beacons
Explosion Proof Cameras & Surveillance Systems
Explosion Proof Emergency Lights
Explosion Proof Heaters
Garage & Gas Station Canopy Lights
LED Grow Lights
LED Lights
NDT Ultraviolet Lights
Portable Hazardous Location Lighting
Radio Communication Towers and Equipment
Salt Water Processing Equipment
Shelter & Tent Lighting
Thermal Monitoring Cameras and Systems
48V LED Equipment Lights
ATEX Rated Explosion Proof Lights
Automotive Lighting
Class Rated Signals, Alarms, and Systems
Hazardous Location Area Lights and Portable Lighting
HID Equipment Lights
Hot Work Permit Lighting and Equipment
Hunting Lights
Industrial lasers
Industrial Transformers
Light Towers
Outdoor Lighting
Remote Security and Surveillance Systems
Temporary Construction Lights
Vehicle Mounted Spotlights
Equipment & Heavy Machinery LED Light Package Fitouts
Phase Converters - Single to Three Phase
Marine Shore Power Cords and Equipment
24 Volt Military Lights
Disaster Relief / First Responders / Search & Rescue Lighting
Plastic Handcuff Key
110/120 Volt Flood Lights
Post Mount Spotlights
Magnetic Work Lights
Crank-up Light Masts
Intrinsically Safe Lights
Military Flashlights
LED Waterproof Lanterns
Work Area Lights
12 Volt Flood Lights
Boat Spotlights
New Boat Lights
HID Boat Lights
Boat Dock Lights
Remote Control Lights
Control Lights
Tow Lights
Magnetic Control Lights
NEW Lights and New Products
Evaporative Coolers
Police Equipment
AC/DC Transformers
Power Supplies
Military Spotlights 24V
Infrared Filters, Covert Covers, and Blackout IR Lenses
Military Equipment
Ultralife Batteries
Remote Control Pan Tilt Base
Larson Electronics Spotlights
Larson Electronics Parts
Replacement Lamps
Cords - Brackets
Portable Wheeled Generators
Non-Hazardous Location Extension Cords / Plugs / Outlets
HID Work Lights
HID Dive Lights
HID Off Road Lights
Acro Lights HID Lights
Halogen Lights
Acro Light Flashlight
Xenon HID Flashlights
Powerlight Flashlight
HID Flashlights
Xenon Flashlights
LED Status Lights
Forklift Lights
Tractor Lights
HID Post Mount Lights
Roof Mount Lights
Post Mount Light parts
Flashlight Holder
Magnet Spotlight Base
Tripods-Magnetic Base
Recharging Spotlights
Fire Rescue Lights
LED Street Lights
Utility Lights
Hazard Lights
Strobe Lights - Battery Operated
Strobes & Beacons
Strobe Light Bars
Headlights - Headlamps - Hard Hat Lights
Suction Mount Lights
Magnetic Spotlights
12/24 Volt Spotlights
Gifts For Men
New 12 / 24 Volt Lights
Explosion Proof Accessories and Replacement Parts
Explosion Proof Lighting
Explosion Proof Hand Lamps (Drop Lights)
Explosion Proof Lights - Stand/Dolly
Explosion Proof Tank Lights
Explosion Proof Phones and Intercoms
Explosion Proof Extension Cords
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials
Crane Lights
Explosion Proof Light Rentals
General Light Rentals
Light Tower and Light Plant Rentals
Power Distribution Rentals
Power Plant Lighting
Refinery lights
Environmental Services Lights
Aerospace Lights
Chemical Plant Lights
Food Grade Safe Lights
Film and Entertainment Lights
Handheld Meters and Devices
Waste Water Treatment Lights
Mining Lights
Ship Yard Lights
Work Site Lighting

Questions about Larson Electronics military, hazardous location, explosion proof or hunting spotlights, flashlights or flood lights?  Please call 1-800-369-6671 or 1-903-498-3363 or  Fax information can be sent to 1-903-498-3364.  Larson Electronics operates between 9AM and 7PM CST.  We do answer the phone, and we have detailed technical knowledge about the products we sell.  This technical knowledge about our Larson Electronicss, Golights, police lights, 24 volt spotlights, explosion proof lighting, hazardous location lighting and a wide variety of LED lights is provided via as well as telephone sales people. We continue to add more dimensional drawings, spec sheets, pictures and video animations to better help you understand the remote control lights, LED spreader lights and UL safety rated lighting products we offer.

1- Can you tell me a little about Larson Electronics?

Larson Electronics was established in 1967, which was also a fine year for the Pontiac GTO. Ernie Larson started Larson Electronics to provide power supplies to the cable industry. Eventually, Larson Electronics entered the safety arena, providing tools and lighting products for the cable, telephone and utility industries. Today, Larson Electronics continues to service those industries, but has expanded the customer base to include the military and various local, state and federal government entities as well.

2- I have the following questions:

1. What is the capability of the lights? You mention multimillion candle power on your website - does this mean 1, 2, 3 million candle power? I saw the pictures on your website and the light seems pretty small - conventionally lights we use on safari's are bigger. For example if the light is say capable of 3 million candle power, will it hurt an animals eyes or do you have covers / filters that will protect their eyes?

The Radioray series (GL-2XXX, GL-5XXX, GL-7XXX part numbers) is 5 million adjusted retail candlepower (700 feet beam projected). The Stryker series is 6 million adjusted retail candlepower (900 feet beam projection).We have red, amber and infrared filters for the Radioray series. The lights are 5 inches by 7 inches.

Alternatively, if you are looking for serious power, we offer High Intensity discharge lights. The beam projects more than 2500+ feet.They have been tested and certified by military supplier to 1000 meters. Please review the links below to learn more.

The turning mechanism of the light - will it be able to turn the turn as fast as your hand can turn a light? - What is the freedom of movement? The light must be able to 360 degree horizontal and -30 degrees to + 60degree vertical - will this be possible?

No, the light turns slower than you can turn something by hand. It takes about 7 seconds to move 360 degrees.The light rotates 370 degrees and tilts 140 degrees. Thus, it meets your needs for tilt and rotation.

3. How accurate can you point the light - for example: Can you focus all the light on a 2meter (+/- 2 yards) radius circle over 100 meters?

Any of the wireless Golight remote controlled spotlights have 2 speeds. Use the fast speed to get the beam close and use the slow speed for more finite control. The Golight remote controlled spotlight does have accuracy you need.

4. How durable is the light i.t.o the following aspects: 1) temperature and 2) Humidity;

These lights are widely used in Iraq and Afghanistan , which have very hot, humid conditions.There have not been any problems.

5. Will the light be able to work of a 12V car battery?

Yes. The Golights work on 12 volt car battery.That is generally their purpose. The 24 volt models (GL-XXXX-24) work on 24 volt vehicle systems.

6. Do you have any distribution network in Africa ?

Not currently. We do ship to individual customers in South Africa Any and all payments from purchasers in African nations must be via wire transfer. All shipping arrangements must be by a carrier of your choice. Alternatively, we will ship via UPS/Fedex.All shipments must be fully insured.In our experience, the customs agents in most countries steal the lights. Thus, the products must be fully insured.

Do your customers use the product for similar applications in the US ?


Explosion Proof Lights
1- Thanks for the information.......I have a stupid question........what rating does a light need to be in order to be used in a spraybooth setting? I am just learning but figured that an explosion proof light with a rating of Class 1 Group D was good enough. What type of application would I use this type of light for?

Class 1 Division 1 is one rating. Paint Spray Booth rating is a separate cert.

Anything over 100 watts will not qualify for a paint spray booth cert. It is too much heat for a very combustible environment.

The fixture I sent you has a class 1 div 1 and a psb cert.

LED lights
1- our company are currently looking for automotive infrared lights for a fleet of vehicles. The project is urgent thus I would like to order a pair for prototyping.

We do ship to Singapore. We do not have distributors there.

We do require a bank transfer prior to shipping.

Most IR lights are in stock. I would need to know the specific part number to be sure.

2- We are interested in approx. 300 of your LEDLB-12-IR-M for a project. We are wondering if it is available in a harp type or yoke type mount instead of the magnetic mount.

Yes, we can do a yolk type mount as shown below in the picture on a smaller fixture. It is something new we just started to offer. This version offers full articulation of the fixture.

I have attached the quote. Please confirm receipt and let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I assumed 850nm, however we can do 940nm as well. Just let us know which you require.

1- Does the Magnalight series of magnetic spotlights come in 24 volt versions?

All Magnalights, including the MUL, HML and ML series spotlights are available in 24 volt models. The HML-5, MUL-5 and ML-5 series are 24 volt versions of the magnetic spotlights. Larson Electronics is the sole source of the magnetic version of the Golight Stryker series, including the Golight 3049-M, Golight 3067-M, Golight 3051-M, Golight 3000-M, Golight 3100-M, Golight 3106-M, Golight 3066-M, Golight 3006-M.

1- How do I order?

Orders are accepted via the website using any type of credit card, P-card, Government credit card, etc. Recently, we added the ability to pay via Paypal. We also take government purchase orders and extend terms to qualified US companies. European and Australian orders can be conducted via credit card or terms, depending on the nature of the sale. All other international orders must be accompanied by bank transfer in advance of shipping the product. Larson Electronics Magnalight ships to more than 40 countries around the world every week.

Orders can also be faxed via purchase order to 1-903-498-3364.

Warranty Information
1- Does Larson Electronics offer any type of warranty?

Larson Electronics warranties the Magnalight HML, MUL and ML series of magnetic spotlights for life, excluding the lamps. Please contact us with any issues with the products. Most of the products we have sold are still in the field. They are simply indestructible.

The Golight Radioray series of spotlights carry a 3 year warranty. The Golight Stryker series of spotlights carry a 5 year warranty.

1- Does Larson Electronics work with the military?

Larson Electronics HML-5 series magnetic spotlights have been accepted and approved by the Navy, Army and Marines branches for use on all manner of the military vehicles, including the HUMVEES. We are CCR registered and have a CAGE number (41TL0) and work with several bases directly. Many of our products are in the field in Iraq and Afghanistan.

For servicemen, buying direct with their own funds, we sell the units at a discount. We ship our spotlights and flashlights to APO/FPO addresses.

2- I am currently deployed in Iraq and on my gun truck we use your 24 Volt Spotlight with Magnetic Base...

I am currently deployed in Iraq and on my gun truck we use your 24 Volt Spotlight with Magnetic Base. Our problem is our bulb burnt out and we are having trouble getting a replacement. I see that it is an H3 24V 70W bulb. Do you have NSNs for your spotlights and bulbs?

PS, great product, we love it on our trucks.

We do sell replacements. R-5 is the replacement for that bulb for the HML-5M. We do not have an NSN for anything at the moment. A lot of units buy on contract or with credit card, even without the NSN. You can also buy through a prime like ADS, if you can’t go direct to us.

3- My unit is currently in Iraq and I am interested in purchasing the 24V Golight 3049-24-M for our HMMWVs...

My unit is currently in Iraq and I am interested in purchasing the 24V Golight 3049-24-M for our HMMWVs. My only concern is the frequency on which the wireless remote works. I was wondering if you could give me the frequency or frequency ranges that these remotes use and whether or not they conflict with each other. I also have to check the frequency to see if it conflicts with some of our other systems.

We have the same unit with wired remote controls now. Generally, the 433 mhz doesn't conflict, but we have had differing reports on the wireless remote controls. This unit in the link below offers the same GL-3049-24-M capabilities with a wired remote control.

4- We have authorization to try one of these lights out for the platoon...

We have authorization to try one of these lights out for the platoon. would suspect we would also need rock guard and any other accessory you think appropriate. Possibly a replacement bulb. Let me know how to proceed or .. just order from website If all goes well we will outfit the platoon with another three and a spare. ( minimum )

We can ship APO. The cost is $15 per unit. The rock guard is a good idea, but it is usually easier to rotate the light so it faces away from the direction you are heading. If you have easy access to the light, then a rock guard is easy too. A spare bulb is a good idea. You can order on the web. Be sure to click address on the registration screen. Use United States as the country and “No State” as the state.

5- i' m interested in HML-6M military spotlight and i need the following information, if possible:

a) is this the most powerful spotlight you make ?

Yes it is.

b) is the beam circular ? I ask for this because i have an Hella Rallye 4000 pencil beam lamp and the beam is a little flattened at the top (the reflector projects more light to the ground like all the automotive lamps).

This is designed to distribute light in all directions. I am familiar with automotive lamps. This design does not share that characteristic.

c) is the D2S bulb replaceable or is it sealed with the reflector ?

Yes it is. The lens and reflector are sealed together, but the bulb is removable.

d) is it possible to use this spotlgiht with little 12V batteries like 12V 7Ah or 12V 12Ah for a short time ?

Absolutely. The bigger the battery, the longer it will run. The amp draw is about 3 amps, so a 12v 12ah battery will run it about 4 hours.

Off Road Lights
1- How do I determine the beam pattern for the off road spot and flood lights?

A quick note on the permanent mount off road lights.

-W – denotes flood pattern (250 feet in depth and 200 feet in width)

-M – denotes modified flood pattern (1200 feet by 135 feet)

-S - denotes spot pattern – (2400 feet depth by 115 feet)

The patterns are tear drop shape. The tear drop elongates as a spot or modified spot pattern.

For example, 1870-W is a black, rectangular HID light with a spot pattern, while the 1870-M is a black, rectangular HID light with a modified spot pattern.

You can see the entire range of equipment and off road HID lights at

1- I have a few questions regarding your item number GL-3049-F-M GoLight. I'm finding conflicting information regarding this light. Some information suggests that its flood light functionality is the result of a kit being installed, while other information suggests that the flood light and the spot light are two separate models. Can you clarify which of these is true? I'm very interested in this model, but I'd like it even more if it were possible to simply "uninstall" the flood light kit and u

The GL-3049-F-M has a different flood lamp installed. It is a sealed beam. You can remove the lens holder (4 screws, easy) and swap it out with a GL-39000 (lens/reflector) and GL-39100 to change it back to spot.

This model does not have a suction cup.
The GL-7951-F-M does have a suction mount, removable magnetic shoe and a snap on/snap off flood lens. It is not as bright, and the magnet base is only 40 pounds grip, not 200 pounds grip, so there are some trade offs.

2- What is the amperage draw and wattage of the Golight Radioray and Stryker products?

The Golight Radioray and Golight Stryker products draw 5.5 amps for 65 watt lamps. .5 amp runs the motorized control of the spotlight and 5 amps lights the 65 watt bulb.

3- Can I run the Magnalight and Golight products from my diesel generator?

Absolutely. Use a AC/DC converter that has one receptacle for every Golight you intend to run. Let us know that you intend to do this with the Golight and we will ship a special cord set that you can use to connect the light to the AC/DC converter.

4- Can I run the Magnalight and Golight products from a 110 AC circuit (normal wall outlet)?

Yes. Be sure to include the GLA-1204 converter when you purchase any Golight (Magnalight) and we will ship your Golight (Magnalight) with the appropriate cord set to enable you to use the Golight (Magnalight) on a standard wall outlet.

5- How exactly does the Golight Stryker mount?

The Golight Stryker simplifies that mounting process. At the base of the Golight, one removes the locking screw and the interlocking base plate slides out from under the light. This zinc plated plate has 3 screw holes. Use the plate as a template to mark the three holes to drill in the mounting surface. Drill the holes and attach the plate using the metal screws provided. If necessary, coat the screw holes with silicone. Pull the wiring from the base of the light through the access hole in the plate and slide the light back on to the mounting plate. Replace the locking screw and push the rubber gasket into place. See our Golight page for more information.

6- What is a stanchion mount Golight?

The Golight 2100 and 2110 spotlights are not telescopic. The light sits atop a 12 inch post which has terminal connections and the base. The light comes with the female receptacle and is typically used on boats and/or construction vehicles. This search light comes with the familiar marine red and green lights on the front.

7- Is there a way to make the Golight continuously rotate?

No. The Golight cannot rotate continuously like some security cameras. The Golight can only move when the operator depresses a button on the remote.

8- What is the advantage of the Golight having a 2 speed motor?

At distance, Golights can move quickly into position, to react quickly to changes in vehicle speed or direction. The high speed controls this movement. The low speed motor moves the light more slowly so the operator can position the light more precisely once the beam in is general position.

9- What is different about the Golight 7901 and 7951 models?

The Golight 7901 and Golight 7951 models are unique in that they offer the most options for mounting. They are portable lights with adjustable handles. They have a suction cup mount for semi-permanent mounting. The suction cup base adheres to a magnetic "shoe." The magnetic shoe has about 40 lbs of magnetic grip and the Golight is slid into the shoe. A push button spring lock secures the Golight in the base. A locking lever engages the suction mount within the shoe. In the event the user wishes to detach the light, they can simply press down on the spring lock button and push down on the locking lever. At this point the light will slide out of the shoe base. Lastly, this Golight spotlight comes with a cigarette lighter plug, so it connect to any location.

10- I have 2 or more Golights on my vehicle but the each remote seems to move both lights, even after programming them on separate channels. What is the problem?

If you have multiple Golights on a single vehicle, you can program each Golight to work with different remote controls. In order to do this successfully, each Golight needs to to be on a separate power source and fuse. In this way, you can adjust the DIP switches to a different configuration, connect the power to one Golight and then turn it on with that remote. Then connect the other light to its unique power source and use another remote with a unique dip switch configuration to turn that light on. Each Golight will be programmed to work with only a single Golight spotlight.

11- I have a two way radio. What frequency does the Golight wireless remote control run on?

All of Golight’s receivers and transmitters run on 433MHz. Various radio signals affect the lights but the two-way radios seem to be the worst culprit. I’ve talked with people who use the lights right next to their radio antennas without any p rob lems and others that can’t use either radio or light without interference. Generally, the light and radio antennae should be as far apart as possible.

The dip switches change the code that the transmitter and receiver use to “talk” with each other but changing the dip switch settings has no affect on the frequency.

12- I am interested in one of your products. The GL-3151 (135) ...

I am interested in one of your products. The GL-3151 (135) is what we are interested in. This will be mounted on a snowmobile trail groomer which is obviously going to be in extreme cold temps. 20 below zero is not uncommon for us and I just want to be sure that this product will work for us. Any recommendation or comments will be appreciated. Thank you.

I would suggest the security dome as well. Often times, ice will form around the base and prevent the unit from moving. Operating the motor under those conditions will cause failure at some point.

It is the GL-17920 and it can be found on the following link.

Also, can you provide info about the dome cover SKU: GL-17920? We would be interested in any accessory parts you may have to integrate the 2021 light with a protective cover.

I am not sure I have any drawings for the dome. However, it installs easily. The mounting holes in the Radioray align with the base plate of the Golight dome. The bolts pass through the base of the Golight and the base plate into the mounting surface. The cover attaches to the base plate, sealing the light inside. There are 6 holes that align on the dome and the base plate. Expansion fasteners connect the dome and base plate. The base plate is 12.75 inches in diameter and the dome is 9 inches high. There is an access hole in the base and there is a small access hole in between the dome and the base plate.

13- Do you have a strong magnetic base for the Golight Radioray 2020 remote controlled spotlights?

I believe this accessory for the Golight will suit your needs. You can reach us at 214-513-7536 for more info rmation or to place the order.

GoLight Radioray Magnetic Base - $49 each.

Powder coated heavy gauge steel plate with pressed in pem nuts aligns with existing mount holes in the base of the Golight Radioray models. 4 machine screws included. 200lb grip (5 inch diameter) magnetic base.>

14- I'm emailing you to find out some information regarding the gun mount stoplight you sell...

I'm emailing you to find out some information regarding the gun mount stoplight you sell. I'm working for a security company out in Iraq and looking to mount a spotligh on the rear of a ford excursion. I need to know if this spotlight can be permanantly mounted onto a ford. We need a light that is not conected to the vehicle using a magnet. Is this spotligh mountable perminantly onto a civilian vahicle i.e drilled into the body?

Yes. That is the purpose of the HML-PGM you have. Shown below, there are two interlocking u-brackets at the base that enable you to set the angle. The u-bracket that would meet the mounting surface has a hole in it for permanent mounting. You can use a 3/8 inch bolt (normal or carriage bolt) to secure it to the mounting surface. Does that answer your question? Please let me know if there is anything else you need. We do ship via APO/FPO if that is helpful. Simply enter the APO zip in the shopping cart where it asks for the APO zip code.

15- I have a question about a product of yours. It is the Portable Golight 5167 SKU: GL-5667-M...

I have a question about a product of yours. It is the Portable Golight 5167 SKU: GL-5667-M. I would like to know if the light is battery operated or if it is something that is wired in. The light would be mounted on the bottom of an arch on a boat and would be lighting the cockpit at night while fishing. if this is not the the correct light could you possibly point me in the right direction please.

The light is hard wired. There is no battery.

These lights (Gl-5167-M) are used on boats all the time. Please click on the link below.

16- I am looking for a spotlight for my vehicle I would like to have remote control hand held ...

I am looking for a spotlight for my vehicle I would like to have remote control hand held and if possible fromthe dash board as well I do not really have a preferance for the mounting could you please advise as to the best (and cheapest) one for me please

I think the GL-3067-M (white) and GL-3049-M (black) will suit you.

17- Do you carry a remote controll spotlight that uses household 110 v current?

Actually, all the remote controlled spotlights can be plugged into a wall outlet with the GL-1204. The link below describes this item. The Golight plugs into or attaches to the GL-1204 and the GL-1204 AC/DC adapter plugs into the wall outlet (110).

18- Have you had any public safety customers mount one of these on top of lightbars like the Code 3 products?

Yes, it is a pretty common practice.

19- I assume units like the Stryker 3067 would require only a 12v power supply.


20- If we were to mount more than one light, can more than one light be controlled by a single remote?

Yes. You can control multiple lights with a single remote or individual spotlight with individual remotes. They are quite easy to program.

21- Is this spotlight (GL-8130) mountable on a tripod? Can it be used in the rain. Will it work to -20 degrees F.

The light is rated for outdoor use. It can be tripod mounted.

-20F ok for the battery/light.

22- I belive we use these light for our trucks. The remotes look the same. I dont know what make or model they are. The are chrome, and rotate and pivot with the egg shaped black remote. We lost the remote for one of the lights. What kind of options do we have. We cant use the second light with no remote. Thanks

1- Hello, I am interested in a flashlight like your 2 million candlepower...

Hello, I am interested in a flashlight like your 2 million candlepower spotlight with rechargeable battery. In the brightest setting how long is it estimated to run? One model I have seen only supplies maximum brightness for 12 or so minutes, then takes 12 hours to recharge. I'm wondering whether your model might boast better specs? BTW, what is the difference between a spotlight and a floodlight? A spotlight projects a tighter beam of light to a long distance. A floodlight disperses light around a wider area, with little projection at distance. Flood beams are created by adjusting the distance between the bulb and the lens or adding a lens with defracting qualities.

The HL-8 or HML-8 (with battery), runs about 30 minutes on a single charge. It will take about 8 hours to recharge. It's an inexpensive light and its performance reflects this. Better (and more expensive) options are listed below.

If you want longer run times and faster recharge times, consider the following:

1. HID light with adjustable spot to flood capability, 75 minutes run time per battery, 2 batteries included for 2.5 hours run time, 4 hour recharge

2. Halogen spotlight - - 4 hour run time, 4 hour recharge

3. Halogen spotlight - wide beam - 60 minute run time per battery - 2 hour recharge time.

Government Sales
1- Does Larson Electronics work directly with government entities?

Absolutely. We sell directly to any and all government agencies.

Hunting Lights
1- My name is Ray and I just came across your website through e-bay and would like to ask a few questions regarding the magnetic hunting spotlights you have in stock...

My name is Ray and I just came across your website through e-bay and would like to ask a few questions regarding the magnetic hunting spotlights you have in stock. Firstly, I would like to know what you would recommend from your range for recreational hunting purposes to attach to the roof of my vehicle. I came across a few that are magnetic which would suit me as I don't want a permanent fixture to my roof. I am after one that would rotate 360 degrees and be able to move up and down easily. I would like it to come with a cordless remote if possible and the light to be strong and clear up to 500 meters with no black spots. Could you please recommend any to me in Australian dollars including freight as I live in Sydney. Also, how would I go about ordering one from you and how long approximately would it take to be delivered to me. Also, can you please advise me on a price and availability on replacement globes for the spotlights and if you have a supplier from Australia I could contact? Thank you

I would recommend the GL-3049-M (black) or GL-3067-M (white) or GL-3066-M (chrome). Each has a 200lb grip magnetic base, 16 foot cord and cigarette plug. The light beam projects 300 meters. The cost of the unit is $325. Spare globes are $14.40. The cost to ship the light and globes to Australia is $79, via 3-5 day insured GEM Postal service.

I used to live in Sydney, but haven’t kept up with the exchange rate since I left. All prices are in US dollars.

The links to the products I suggested are below. You can place your order online and the shipping to Australia will be automatically calculated once you select Australia and enter your postal code on the checkout screen.

2- I am looking for a magnetic spotlight at least 8 million candle that I can just throw up on my Suzuki Samurai at night to spotlight coyotes...

I am looking for a magnetic spotlight at least 8 million candle that I can just throw up on my Suzuki Samurai at night to spotlight coyotes… I would prefer to be able to just run the wires directly to the battery or even more be able to use the cigarette lighter 12volt … what would you suggest???? I would need two of them ….

This light is the most popular with hunters. It has a strong magnetic base and battery clamps, but still enables you to use it as a handheld light if you need it.

Cords with battery clamps, cigarette plugs or ring terminals are available with all of our Magnalights, including the ones shown here:

This is also popular with hunters, but is more expensive because it used HID instead of halogen. The beam reaches nearly 3000 feet, but it is significantly more expensive.

Installation Instructions
1- Where can I get Golight installation instructions?

Click on the links below for Adobe pdfs of the installation instructions.

Golight 2000 Instructions:

Golight 2020 Instructions:

Golight 7900 7901 7951:

Golight 2100 2110:

12/24 Volt Spotlights
1- Otherwise how can you tell the different between the 12 volt and 24 volt?

12 volts lights work on 12 volt circuits (normal vehicles on the roads in the US)

24 volt lights work on 24 volt circuits (military vehicles like the Hummer, Abrams tanks, Fox recons, Cougars, etc.) Sometimes, heavy equipment has 24 volts circuits as well.

2- I ended up purchasing a regular 10 million candlepower spotlight from your company...

I ended up purchasing a regular 10 million candlepower spotlight from your company. I couldn't figure out a way to mount the 12/24 volt 3200 lumen HID on my turret but I was wondering if there's a way to attach a handle to the HID spotlight so I could use it freehand? I'm still contemplating about purchasing the HID spotlight though.

Sure. There is nylock nut that holds the magnet on. Remove the nut and you will have a 3/8 inch stud that you can use to mount the light permanently. A lot of heavy equipment guys do just that. Once mounted, you can still adjust the tilt and swivel, due to the design of the base. These lights started off as permanent mount items that we adapted to magnetic mount.

3- Do you carry this item; High Powered Spotlight, Vehicle mounted or something similar to it?

The item that I just quoted you would fit the bill for that. Our magnetic mounts are used as vehicle mounts, because they simplify the installation and stay in place under high speed, off road conditions. However, growing in popularity is the HML-6M (RT or CP), which is a 35 watt HID version of the HML-5M. It’s beam reaches nearly 3000 feet and pulls less than 2 amps. Cast aluminum housing and laser cut, locking adjustable base with a 200lb grip magnetic base.

4- Could you help me in find a big light so I can light my backyard up at night. My back yard is 256 feet deep.

The HML-4 and the HML-6M would work well.

If you needed a remote control solution, any of the Golight remote control spotlights will work.

Be sure to include a AC/DC converter with your order if you plan to run these lights from a typical 110 house outlet.>

Boat Lights
1- I am hoping you have a model to suit our needs. We operate a 78 foot charter boat in Indonesia ...

I am hoping you have a model to suit our needs. We operate a 78 foot charter boat in Indonesia we do a lot of driving at night and we want to install 2 driving lights(permanent fixed) to illuminate our path, there are many big teak logs to be dodged and small fishing boats without lights as well as some tight entrances fringed with shallow reefs, in rough weather we need to back up our radar with lights. My friends boat runs 3 lights at 5oo watt each , 240 volt, low sodium as do the fishermen in the Bering sea. i realise you supply 12 and 24 volt but I am wondering if you have a light for us.

You might think about these lights below. They are HID Xenon. They project a beam nearly 3000 feet. Very low amp draw once they are running. The have case aluminum housings and stainless steel supporting hardware. They mount via a single 3/8 inch bolt. You might use a combination of floods (90 meters X 70 meters), modifieds (500 meters X 30 meters) and spots (1000 meters X 60 meters) to achieve complete coverage.

Please let me know if these options would work for you.

1- Does Larson Electronics work with distributors?

We do work with distributors and offer pricing discounts to our partners. While we serve the end customer directly, some customers find it easier administratively to purchase through distributors. ADS Tactical, Grainger, Wesco, Graybar, Arris, TVC and Stuart C Irby are a few of our distributors. Many serve a particular vertical. Most of our items are specialty items, so you may not find them in their catalog. Instead reference our part number and the supplier ID number (if supplied) when inquiring with our distributors. Please click here to see a comprensive list of distributors:

We are happy to work with new distributors. Please be prepared to present your credit information. Often times, we may do credit card purchasing with smaller distributors or first time orders. Distributor discounts are based on volume. There are no minimums, but pricing improves with volume.

2- Can you please tell if there are any distributors in Canada? Also, can yo tell me if sku#HML-2 swivels in any direction or ido you have a model that does?

We do not have stocking distributors in Canada. We do ship directly to Canada via USPS, which is fairly inexpensive. The items are marked as "gifts" to eliminate duties.

The HML-2 has a magnetic base. Typically, people can rotate the light by hand by moving the light with the base. However, if the base remains in place, the light will not swivel independently of the magnetic base.

Does that help?

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