Need Pole and Rail Mount Lights for Scaffolds?

Pole and rail mount lights are solutions to provide lighting for crews that work in construction, bridges and commercial buildings.

Larson Electronics explosion proof pole mount and rail mount lights are class 1 division 1 & 2, class 2 division 1 & 2 built to withstand extreme high and cold temperatures as well as high winds, snow, and heavy rain. These powerful light fixtures are compact, and lightweight to handle necessary jobs that are in elevated locations such as skyscraper buildings, scaffolds and warehouses.

Our pole and rail mount lights have the following features:

Pole Mount Lights

The LED has a slip fitter mount built underneath the body to mount on top of in-field poles. The pole mount has an adjustable swivel bracket convenient for the operator to mount the LED to a specific pole size.

Rail Mount Lights

The LED is attached to a rail mount designed to be used on ladders, handrails, catwalks, and pipe racks. These rail mount lights are capable of fitting through most entryways for worksites such as ship yards, loading docks offshore drilling and power plants.

View our Pole and Rail Mount Lights on our website, and let our sales team assist you in finding the best solution.

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