Why you need Explosion Proof Sensors?

Having sensor systems in hazardous locations is critical for standard operations in today’s world, from automation to safety insurance to energy efficiency. Sensors are needed to detect and respond from internal or external sources such as light, heat, motion, and abnormal operations, which can make hazardous locations much safer.

Here are our Explosion Proof Sensors:

Motion Sensors

Larson Electronics offers motion sensors that can power lights or other equipment for manufacturing, warehouse and other industrial businesses. The motion sensors feature an adjustable timer that trigger lighting systems to turn on and off at a designated time.

Day & Night Sensors

Our day and night sensor support lighting for security or remote lighting systems are capable of being mounted remotely from the light sources. The operator can tilt the sensor to operate the lights placed at low or high levels.

Gas Sensors

These gas sensors have an attached transmitter that has a built-in response testing system to detect gas or vapors in hazardous locations. The testing system also features an easy to read LCD graphics display to monitor gas concentrations that are generated on demand.

Our Explosive Proof Sensors are in stock and ready to be shipped. Purchase Today!

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