Need Evaporative Cooler “Dry Mist” Technology?

Why Use Evaporative Coolers?

Construction sites, oil refineries and other industrial facilities get very hot and usually don’t have the proper ventilation to help cool areas. Finding alternative solutions to cool work areas needs to be addressed when working in hazardous locations.

Evaporative coolers are designed to cool employees and work spaces, while maintaining ventilation and circulation in hazardous locations. When working in extremely hot temperatures, evaporative coolers can prevent workers from overheating and experience physical harm.

Evaporative Cooler Applications

Larson Electronics offers a selection of evaporative coolers. The chilling systems feature “dry mist technology” to cool down the work environment while keeping work spaces dry. Our explosion proof coolers also feature spark proof blades and enclosed motors to ensure no ignition risks within hazardous locations.

The base stand and pedestal is available for the operator to move and adjust the cooler to different areas in the facility. The water tank contains two separate filters and three spray nozzles to cool the work environment for up to eight hours. This portable cooling system also has a built in automatic shut-off feature once the water reservoir runs out.

Our Evaporative Coolers are in stock and ready to be shipped.

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