Industrial Workboat Lighting

Buying work boat lights is nothing like purchasing luminaries for your home.

Whether on the docks, on the boat deck, or inside the cabin, industrial marine lights must withstand unique rigors and demands that wet, corrosive marine environments to equipment.

In the industrial marine industry, lights serve an important purpose on work boats. They are primarily used to aid nighttime operations and allow other vessels to observe and acknowledge their presence from a distance.

Larson Electronics carries an extensive and varied line of lights and lighting systems to meet each of the special environmental and spatial challenges of workboats and docks.

This series of hazardous and UL listed lights includes:

  • Magnetic mount spot and flood lights
  • Remote controlled lamps
  • Mast mounted lighting systems
  • LED interior and deck lamps
  • Emergency backup LED fixtures
  • High intensity LED floods
  • Commercial fishing lights
  • Low profile wall pack
  • Weatherproof LED rope
  • Pilot house control lights

Sail prepared with us, you won’t regret it.

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