Garage & Gas Station Canopy Lights

Larson Electronics strives to provide the highest quality lights to every size business from nationwide corporations, to small shops serving their local communities.

Our traditional style LED garage and canopy lights are perfect for small service garages and other small industrial shops. Designed to replace fragile and energy consuming fixtures, our LED upgrades provide low maintenance, energy efficient lighting with very low operational costs.

Furthermore, our LED canopy and garage lights are extremely durable, built to withstand demanding shop conditions. Each unit is IP65 waterproof and feature special heat dissipating designs to protect the lights from heat buildup.

These fixtures are designed for direct replacement, utilizing existing hardware so upgrades can be made one fixture at a time, or all together. Because the units are traditional style they will blend in and keep lighting style consistent throughout the shop.

To learn more about our garage and canopy style LEDs, check out our selection below.

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