Stow These Tow Lights for Vehicle Emergencies

You never know when your car may leave you stuck on the side of the road, and you probably have a few items in place in case of emergencies such as a flashlight, a tire changing kit or reflective cones.

But have you considered tow lights?

Tow lights can help assist towing operators by increasing efficiency and safety when towing your car. They can also be used to notify oncoming traffic that your car is stopped on the side of the road to prevent accidents.

Larson Electronics offers permanent and temporary tow lights including: battery powered magnetic tow lights, wired tow lights and wireless tow lights.

Our tow lights operate on 12 and 24 volt vehicle power for reliable and easy connection, or battery powered for wireless portability.

Compact, these tow lights can be stowed in your glovebox for easy access.

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