Make Tank Cleaning Safer, More Efficient with Portable LED Lights

In industrial sectors, aboveground and underground tanks are used to store a wide range of materials and substances – from gasoline and chemicals to grains. Regular, around-the-clock maintenance is required to keep these structures clean and working properly.

Tank cleaning is a painstakingly slow and hazardous process. Such tasks involve sludge removal, draining and wash down. For damaged tanks, operators must apply robust coatings or liners. At the end of the process, inspection is conducted for thoroughness and compliance.

Because tanks are unusable during cleaning, it is best practice to optimize the process as efficiently as possible. Delays in tank cleaning can result in operational losses.

Larson Electronics provides heavy-duty lights for tank cleaning. Our lights are designed to make tank cleaning safer, faster and cost effective. We offer the following types of tank cleaning lights:

Explosion Proof/Hazardous Location (Class I, II, III/ATEX Rated)

  • LED Light Towers- Ideal for wide-area illumination over the site
  • Portable LED Lights- Cart mounted, drop lights, stringers and more
  • LED Blasting Gun Lights- Hydro-blasting, wash-down and chemical application
  • LED Manhole Lights- Mark entry/exit points
  • Security/Monitoring/Inspection Cameras
  • …and more!

Our tank cleaning lights are offered in various voltage selections for compatibility, color temperature settings, beam configurations (spot or flood) and mounting options.

As a one-stop shop for tank cleaning lights and systems, we also provide accessories to make the job easier, such as extension cords, receptacles, transformers, replacement parts and portable power distribution systems.

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