Need Cost-effective, Reliable Three-phase Power?

Three-phase power is essential for powering heavy-duty machines and equipment.

Problem: Three-phase power is not always available in buildings. Furthermore, acquiring or setting up three-phase service from a local electric provider is costly – especially for remote facilities. Businesses must consider limitations with trenching for electric poles, underground lines and/or excavation associated with the setup.

Solution: For immediate and cost-effective access to three-phase power in buildings that are only equipped with single-phase power, one of the best solutions is to use a phase converter.

A phase converter is designed to convert single phase to three phase in a reliable manner. Here at Larson Electronics, we offer rotary phase converters and smart, digital phase converters.

Designed for indoor use, our selection of NEMA-rated phase converters range from 3HP to 450 HP. Voltage compatibility includes 208/240V and 440/480V. For ease of use, some models are equipped with start/stop push button functions and power indicator lights for real-time status monitoring.

Our line of phase converters is ideal for powering three-phase machines, such as table saws, fans, air compressors, drill presses, elevators and industrial mixers.

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