ATEX/IECEx Explosion Proof Lights for Maximum Safety and Compliance

Explosion proof ratings for industrial equipment and lights vary depending on the location of one’s business or project. At Larson Electronics, we are committed to meeting the needs of our US-based and international customers, ranging from Canada and France to Saudi Arabia.

In locations outside of the US, OSHA-approved NRTLs are not recognized. Instead, compliance with ATEX/IECEx standards are required for explosion proof lights and equipment in such areas. The ratings are derived from Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95) and Directive 99/92/EC (ATEX 137), covering any type of tools that can become a source of ignition in flammable environments.

Here at Larson Electronics, this is not an issue for us. We carry ATEX/IECEx rated lights and equipment, which are suitable for actively meeting ATEX/IECEx codes in Europe and other countries that acknowledge the explosion proof ratings.

Below are some ATEX/IECEx rated lights we currently offer:

  • Low Profile LED Fixture: linear, energy-efficient and powerful
  • Low Bay AC LED: compact, includes Group B environments
  • Portable LED Light: mounted on carts or wheelbarrow for portability
  • LED Light Towers: mounted on quadpod with wheels
  • LED String Lights: daisy chain connection, versatile

Click on the link below to view our selection of explosion proof ATEX/IECEx rated lights!

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