What Can Buck-boost Transformers Do for your Business?

Need to regulate supply voltage efficiently? There’s a buck-boost transformer for that!

Maintaining a stable, consistent power supply is an effective way to preserve machines in industrial facilities. There are numerous ways to achieve this – most of which are very expensive.

For an economical approach to line voltage regulation, buck-boost transformers can be applied in the work site. The compact units are capable of increasing (boost) supply voltage or decreasing (buck) voltage, to match the requirements of the connected equipment.

In most cases, buck-boost transformers are used to make incremental adjustments to supply voltage, between 5 to 26 percent.

Benefits of buck-boost transformers:

  • Low-cost solution
  • Improved performance of sensitive electronics
  • Reduced equipment damage, overheating and failure
  • Manage supply voltage during line drops
  • Address issues with increased equipment demand during power distribution
  • Lightweight, very compact (space-saving)

Larson Electronics provides a wide selection of buck-boost transformers for industrial applications. The devices are offered in single phase, three-phase delta or three-phase wye – at frequencies of 50/60 Hz.

For rugged and extreme facilities, our autotransformers are housed in a NEMA-rated enclosure. Included wall mounting brackets/tabs are available for securing the device in tight spaces.

Check out our line of buck-boost transformers today. Head over to the link below for more information.


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