Explosion Proof Cord Management Solutions

All of us have used extension cords and we ALL know how much of a pain they can be.

You’ve probably tripped over a cord at one point or another, or had to deal with a mess of them all jumbled and twisted together while you cursed under your breath.

So why not use a tool that saves you these frustrations?

Larson Electronics has a complete line of cord reels and tool tap outlets to make cord organization and portable power connection a breeze.

These reels extend the use of your tools and lighting equipment without the messy and dangerous hazards of excessive cord length and tangled lines. From simple hand-crank reels to complex, heavy-duty retractable reels we’ve got it all.

AND, we’ve got the extension cords to go with: explosion proof extension cords for use in hazardous environments, including models with inline switches to turn off equipment without having to leave the area.

Ready to eliminate the unnecessary stress of extension cord mess, and have the convenience of an extension cord in your hazardous environment? Visit our selection below.

Modular components of our reels and outlets can be customized to fit individual specifications

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