String Lights with Endless Possibilities

String lights are a great option for temporary and flexible lighting for general close work and inspection.

When you work in locations that contain hazardous vapors dusts and chemicals, you need explosion proof lights that will operate safely and efficiently. Larson Electronics has engineered a variety of Class 1 Division 1, explosion proof string lights for this purpose.

You can choose from incandescent, florescent, and LED bulb stringers, and depending on your application, packages with more or less lamps.

We also feature LED units with a special integrated LED board with no bulb to break and no socket, for extreme durability

Additionally, we offer line voltage models, which run on standard voltage, and low voltage models with inline transformers. Our inline transformer models include a portable power transformer, which operates on 120 or 240 volts AC and steps it down to 24 volt DC for low voltage lights.

And as always, you get the Larson Electronics durability guarantee. All of our explosion proof string lights are built with corrosion resistant aluminum, tempered glass lamp globes for fluorescent and incandescent, or a polycarbonate lamp cover for LEDs, and abrasion resistant cords.

Simple to move around and secure with strong hooks and daisy-chaining, these string light solutions will provide you with a flexible and easy to manage lighting configuration.

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