Don’t Get Stuck Without Power

Portable power distribution systems can often be overlooked when the focus is on the lighting and equipment itself. But how effective can that equipment be if proper power is unavailable, or grid energy is unreliable?

At Larson Electronics, we’ve made it one of our missions to provide you with everything you need to properly power your job site, keeping your processes running smoothly and safely. Our power distribution panels and accessories help make this possible.

What we offer:

A wide variety of three phase and single phase portable power distribution systems


  • From skid-mounted substations to dolly cart mounted transformers
  • Designed for use in construction, industrial, military, and offshore applications

Power distribution panels with KVA transformers

  • Enable operators to power a variety of devices from multiple receptacles
  • Consist of a power line feed, load center with breakers, transformer and outlets
  • Applications include plant maintenance, events, remote work areas, work trailers

Industrial grade power transformers, portable power distribution systems, and power substations

  • Provide convenience and reliability operators need for fast turnarounds/safe operations
  • Systems ranging from 0.5 kVA transformers to 250 kVA transformers Distribution panels and systems offer support for linear and non-linear loads
  • Dry type transformers, encapsulated transformers, step down transformers, AC to DC transformers, portable power distribution systems, solar powered systems and rechargeable power supplies

If you don’t run an off-site company, we urge you to still consider the value of portable power distribution. In the event of a power outage or electrical issue, these distribution centers can provide you with the power you need until normal power is restored.

Additionally, many of our models can be customized to fit your application to your standards.

Check out our line below.

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