Pad Mount Transformers for Medium-Voltage Power Distribution

Power distribution from a large, electrical grid system to an industrial facility, residential neighborhood or data center, requires the use of a medium voltage pad mount transformer.

The units, which are usually oil filled – but can also be dry type, step down high voltages to lower, usable voltage levels, allowing utility customers to use the power safely without frying their equipment or damaging the building’s electrical system.

With a fully enclosed design (no fencing needed during installation), they are perfect for outdoor installations in public locations, underground power distribution systems and high-activity areas. Medium voltage transformers are effective in managing voltage drops and reducing costs related to cabling.

Larson Electronics carries several types of oil-cooled and dry-type medium voltage pad mount transformers. We offer pad mount transformer ratings ranging between 300 kVA and 1,000 kVA, capable of offering three-phase 480Y/277 or 208Y/120 secondary voltages (depending on the model).

For outdoor applications (most pad mount transformers are installed outdoors), the medium-sized power distribution stations are protected by a NEMA-rated enclosure. Our dry-type models are robustly ventilated, as the transformers rely on active air for cooling. Oil-filled units come with safe break bushings and an accessible drain valve for liquid sampling and monitoring. Winding materials range between aluminum or copper (depending on the model).

Our line of pad mount transformers supports streamlined installation and maintenance, via integrated floor and wall mounting brackets. By mounting close to the target location, the transformer becomes more accessible for operators and less costly to operate.

Head over to the link below to see our medium voltage pad mount transformers in action!

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