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ATEX and IEC Ex Flame-proof Explosion Proof Lighting & Equipment
Explosion Proof Lights
Explosion Proof Motors - Motors for Hazardous Locations
Industrial and Vaporproof Emergency Failsafe Lighting
Industrial Cord Reels and Tool Taps
Industrial Work Area Heaters
Machine Vision Lights
QC Series Industrial Portable Lighting - Quick Change Mount
Rig Lights
Stadium lights
String Lights and Temporary Light Stringers
Tank Cleaning Lights
Three Phase Motor Soft Starters
Vapor Proof LED Lights
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
Vehicle Mounting Plates
Workboat Light Fixtures & Lighting Equipment
Yacht Engine Room Lights
Color Changing LED RGB Lighting
Explosion Proof Cord Reels
GOLIGHT Spotlights
Larson FUTURE - Lease Lighting
Remote Area Lighting and Scene Lights
Utility Bucket Mount, Receiver Hitch & Trailer Mount Lighting
Aevum Control Lighting and Equipment - IIoT
Butane and Solvent Extraction Room Lighting and Equipment
DC to DC Transformers and Power Supplies
Explosion Proof Fans & Blowers
Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth Approved Lights
Explosion Proof String Lights
Explosion Proof Switchgear & Controls
Fleet Service Lights and Lighting Equipment
Industrial Equipment Trailers
Industrial Handlamps & Droplights
ISO 14644/FS-209E Clean Room Lighting
LED Blasting Lights
Night Time Fishing Lights
Portable AC Power Supply Units
Portable Power Distribution Panels
Power Distribution Panels with KVA Transformers
Self-Contained Lighting
Service Pit Lighting
Solar Generators & Solar Powered Lighting
Agricultural Farm Equipment Lighting & Beacons
Explosion Proof Cameras & Surveillance Systems
Explosion Proof Emergency Lights
Explosion Proof Heaters
Garage & Gas Station Canopy Lights
LED Grow Lights
LED Lights
NDT Ultraviolet Lights
Portable Hazardous Location Lighting
Radio Communication Towers and Equipment
Salt Water Processing Equipment
Shelter & Tent Lighting
Thermal Monitoring Cameras and Systems
48V LED Equipment Lights
ATEX Rated Explosion Proof Lights
Automotive Lighting
Class Rated Signals, Alarms, and Systems
Hazardous Location Area Lights and Portable Lighting
HID Equipment Lights
Hot Work Permit Lighting and Equipment
Hunting Lights
Industrial lasers
Industrial Transformers
Light Towers
Outdoor Lighting
Remote Security and Surveillance Systems
Temporary Construction Lights
Vehicle Mounted Spotlights
Equipment & Heavy Machinery LED Light Package Fitouts
Phase Converters - Single to Three Phase
Marine Shore Power Cords and Equipment
24 Volt Military Lights
Disaster Relief / First Responders / Search & Rescue Lighting
Plastic Handcuff Key
110/120 Volt Flood Lights
Post Mount Spotlights
Magnetic Work Lights
Crank-up Light Masts
Intrinsically Safe Lights
Military Flashlights
LED Waterproof Lanterns
Work Area Lights
12 Volt Flood Lights
Boat Spotlights
New Boat Lights
HID Boat Lights
Boat Dock Lights
Remote Control Lights
Control Lights
Tow Lights
Magnetic Control Lights
NEW Lights and New Products
Evaporative Coolers
Police Equipment
AC/DC Transformers
Power Supplies
Military Spotlights 24V
Infrared Filters, Covert Covers, and Blackout IR Lenses
Military Equipment
Ultralife Batteries
Remote Control Pan Tilt Base
Larson Electronics Spotlights
Larson Electronics Parts
Replacement Lamps
Cords - Brackets
Portable Wheeled Generators
Non-Hazardous Location Extension Cords / Plugs / Outlets
HID Work Lights
HID Dive Lights
HID Off Road Lights
Acro Lights HID Lights
Halogen Lights
Acro Light Flashlight
Xenon HID Flashlights
Powerlight Flashlight
HID Flashlights
Xenon Flashlights
LED Status Lights
Forklift Lights
Tractor Lights
HID Post Mount Lights
Roof Mount Lights
Post Mount Light parts
Flashlight Holder
Magnet Spotlight Base
Tripods-Magnetic Base
Recharging Spotlights
Fire Rescue Lights
LED Street Lights
Utility Lights
Hazard Lights
Strobe Lights - Battery Operated
Strobes & Beacons
Strobe Light Bars
Headlights - Headlamps - Hard Hat Lights
Suction Mount Lights
Magnetic Spotlights
12/24 Volt Spotlights
Gifts For Men
New 12 / 24 Volt Lights
Explosion Proof Accessories and Replacement Parts
Explosion Proof Lighting
Explosion Proof Hand Lamps (Drop Lights)
Explosion Proof Lights - Stand/Dolly
Explosion Proof Tank Lights
Explosion Proof Phones and Intercoms
Explosion Proof Extension Cords
Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials
Crane Lights
Explosion Proof Light Rentals
General Light Rentals
Light Tower and Light Plant Rentals
Power Distribution Rentals
Power Plant Lighting
Refinery lights
Environmental Services Lights
Aerospace Lights
Chemical Plant Lights
Food Grade Safe Lights
Film and Entertainment Lights
Handheld Meters and Devices
Waste Water Treatment Lights
Mining Lights
Ship Yard Lights
Work Site Lighting



Larson Electronics Customer Feedback and Testimonials

Larson Electronics was established in 1967 and originally specialized in providing power supplies for the cable industry. Today, Larson Electronics and Larson Electronics continue to serve the cable, telephone and utility industries and have expanded to serve the needs of the military and federal and local governments as well. Larson Electronics has built a reputation as a leader in the industrial and commercial lighting industry by manufacturing and providing high quality-industrial grade lighting products backed by excellent customer service and value. Larson Electronics places great importance on each and every one of its customers and is always interested in hearing what they have to say about their products and service.

 Your feedback and input allows Larson Electronics to continually improve its offerings and provide high quality equipment that is tailored to the customers needs and requirements. Continue reading to see what past customers have had to say about their experiences with purchasing from Larson Electronics. You can also see recent feedback about spotlight and floodlight purchases from Larson by visiting Reseller

Contact Larson to share your experience as well.

Military/Law Enforcement Personnel Responses to Larson Electronics Spotlights and Lighting Equipment


We used the light on EOD calls and it worked so well we left ours for our follow on team. Best case senario we could get a light to shoot videos with and then return it to you at our expense. Thanks for the rapid response.

Chris Watkins

Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2013 9:52 AM
To: Rob Bresnahan
Subject: Larson Electronics in Afghanistan


To whom it may concern,

My name is TSgt Daniel Chase and I am currently stationed in Bagram Airfield Afghanistan. I am one of the supervisors that works at a vehicle processing gate. I recently received an order of 7 different Larson Electronics products that were purchased by an avid military supporter, Barbara Kajiya. I just wanted to send my thanks to Rob Bresnahan and your company for getting the lights here in a timely manner. We received the lights and were immediately able to use the them in different spots around our sector. The quality of the lights were something we haven’t seen before. They light up areas like no spot light we previously had. Again, Thank you for your support and contribution to our military and I hope all is well back state side. If you happen to have any old stuff that you are not using or do not need anymore, we would greatly appreciate your generosity and be able to put it to use very quickly. Thank you again.

Daniel J. Chase, TSgt, USAF
455 ESFS/Delta Sector
Flight Chief
Bagram Airfield
DSN: 318 481-6089



My name is Rick Smithey and I am employed as a Deputy/k9 Roberts County S.O, Miami Texas. First let me explain that we are a small department of 4 deputies and Sheriff Dana Miller. Most of us supply our own equipment and we are issued Chevrolet half ton extended cab or 4 door, 4 wheel drive pickups. We cover about 920 square mile with a pop of less than a thousand county wide. With that said, when I hired on here in 2001 I was in a Ford Crown Vic and with the areas of oil and ranch land that is worked a spotlight is needed. The car had none so I bought a
radio ray spotlight magnetic mount.

Then Sheriff liked it so much he bought 4 for the department. Now, at one point before the car was to be replaced that magnet mount turned loose from the roof of the car and glanced off the passenger front window but stayed tethered by the cord. I was responding to an emergency call and speed was about 90 mph into a 20 plus wind and had to stop and secure the light. Later I removed the light as the pickup I was waiting on was to be equipped with a headache rack so I contacted the welder to alter the rack for the light.

We also rig our own vehicles, so when the pickup came in I took the magnetic shoe apart, removed 4 magnets, and bolted the shoe down with 4 mags still in place. Then about a year or 2 later another pickup lost a radio ray off the headache rack, pulled the cord in two, and the light hit the highway at about 90 mph into a 40 mph wind. Deputy Love and I were responding to a Texas DPS Trooper on the Canadian River in need of backup on a drug stop. Afterwards, we returned and located Deputy Love's light and found the shoe had been bolted on but the shoe let loose. I reinstalled the light and cord. It worked to some degree but he did not have full rotation due to gear damage and later it quit all together.

Now with the history out of the way I got a 2008 pickup last March, no headache rack ( my request due to better rear visibility) and was in desire of a spotlight (I sold mine to someone to use to hunt coyotes) so I started looking and noticed the Stryker series of spotlights. A hard mount was out of the question and after the results with the radio ray mag mounts letting loose at speed that was not an option. I also needed a low mount to allow me to put the pickup in my garage. I called your company and spoke with Curtis Smith and he talked to me about Larsens mag mount with the 200 pound magnet. I called Larsen, they measured the light with their mount in place and it appeared that the light would clear the door, so I ordered the GL-3067H-M.

The light arrived 1/26/08 and talk about a dream come true. It is low enough that I can clear a 6'9" door frame on a full size Chevrolet pickup 4X4. The magnet mount was tested the last 2 days. 0nce on 120 mph test (top speed on this pickup is about 130) and 110 sustained into a 15 mph wind for almost 20 miles while en-route to a 5 grass fires all at the same time. It is brighter that the radio ray, a wider beam pattern allows me to check an area faster. Overall distance is about equal but I get about 100 feet wide at quarter mile into flat land other than a pinpoint pattern. When checking canyon rims or floors I get about 300 wide feet at half mile but at that distance really need binoculars to see detail but a mag mount that holds at speed YES!. Thanks, I have looked hard and it paid off.



Hello sir,

One of my soldiers, Sgt Phillip Crow, contacted you regarding spotlights a few weeks ago. We have since received the spotlights you have sent and we are completely, beyond satisfied with your product. We have field tested them on several missions and they work without a doubt better than any I have seen in the Iraqi theater to date.

Sgt Crow is summarizing a report to send to higher headquarters and we are trying to get authorization to purchase several of them from you. I am SSG James Folger, I am head of the vehicle standardization program for my unit. I was Sgt Crow's squad leader but now I have been moved to perform this temporary duty. I truly appreciate your sending the spotlights to us. They are invaluable to us when we are trying to scan the road for Improvised Explosive Devices. They illuminate the road better than daylight. I am really trying to push to purchase a large quantity of these for our gun trucks. I need to inform you though that as of 2 Mar 07, the MNC-I (Multi National Corps-Iraq) Commander, (a four star General) has put a "ban" on our freedom to purchase whatever spotlights we want.

I have good people that are above me that are willing to work with me and get the proper documentation signed in order for us to be able to purchase these spotlights. I just need to get some information from you and then I can send up the requisitions and we can do everything we can to get them approved. I need to know if you have had a government contract before and if so what was the process they used to purchase them from you? We can purchase them by using a government credit card, but that limits us to $2500 a month. We would like to get a GSA # or a CAGE # if possible, or any other means you have used in the past to sell your product to the U.S. Army. This would allow us to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth all at one time or in several separate orders below our maximum monthly limit, which I am not even sure there is one. Marines and Air Force are a little different just to let you know.

I will be looking forward to hearing from you and trust me, we are doing everything we can to get your spotlights. They are truly awesome, the distance they project and the brightness is remarkable.

Thanks again for sending us the lights so we could try them out,

SSG James Folger




Hello sir, my name is SSG Joseph De Wolf of D co 1-8 Cav in the first cavalry division based out of Ft. Hood Texas, currently in Baghdad Iraq. I first of all want to thank you for the case of
Larson Electronicss that you sent me, they are lifesavers. I understand you were contacted by my wife who informed you of the incident in which me and 2 of my soldiers were injured by a roadside bomb in late November. I truly believe that if we would have had more lighting we would have detected this roadside bomb. I truly appreciate the case you donated to my platoon. We no longer patrol in our Humvees but we have mounted the Larson Electronicss on our Abrams tanks and they are AWESOME!! They have already found 2 IEDS in only 2 weeks of use. I recently showed our Brigade commander the Larson Electronicss in action and he loved what he saw. All the info off of your website has been given to our higher ups and I believe my unit will be making a large Purchase soon. I am making several videos of the Larson Electronicss in action, unfortunately they are too long to send. When I come home on R&R I will stop by your offices and give you guys these videos on disk. I will be sending photos of the Larson Electronicss in action. Once again I cannot express my gratefulness to you and your company and I will do all in my power to influence the unit to act on the Larson Electronicss ASAP. I will send the photos soon. 

With great appreciation,

SSG Joseph De Wolf
"Desperado RED 2"


Department of Homeland Security regarding HML-4-200lb


Sorry I haven't mailed you sooner, but I did have a chance to use the light on traffic operations before I left. The magnet held on the hood at over 90 mph so that's a good thing, and my partner and I, as well others who saw us using it, were impressed by the fact that it illuminated the suspect vehicle so well during a traffic stop, we almost didn't need our flashlights. The light cut right through the back tinted glass in most cases and allowed the interior of the vehicle to be illuminated before our approach. During tracking, the light was also bright enough to use as a directional beacon to others on the ground with no line of sight to our direction. We were able to put the light up and they were able to direct us to intercept their line of travel. I'll get you those photos as soon as I can and shoot them to this address, my camera gave me trouble last time in the field.



US Marine stationed in Iraq regarding the HML-6M


Sorry for the delayed response. As for the HML-6, it is still working outstanding.... We just got back from another long mission and have no problems to report.  I have been using the HML-6 effectively during daylight hours as well as night. When I am the tail gunner of the convoy, it works exceptionally well during the day and outstanding at night in keeping vehicle traffic at a distance. At night I have the center of the beam concentrated on the 3rd line in the road behind our gun truck and after many trials this particular spot on open highway keeps vehicles at a distance of approximate 1 mile.  As for the delay in purchasing, I have demonstrated to our unit and they clearly see that it is a superior light all around. But even today
I still haven't received a definitive answer. As is understandable for everything, it is a money issue for the company at this point. I was told today it is being reviewed again. Our commands have been reorganized which could possibly lead to alternate funds. My next mission I have an opportunity to demonstrate the
HML-6 to these alternate funds. 
I am including a few pictures, not exactly what I wanted to capture but still working on it.
Thanks again...




The HML-6 worked great... I recorded over 17 hours of night mission operating time from southern Iraq to Baghdad and back. The 200 lb magnet is perfect for this light. I had it mounted on the .50 cal turret shield the entire time and not once did I feel that rough road conditions would jar it loose.  The integrated handle is strong and makes it easy to grasp from above to either remove or adjust positions. It provides an excellent circular beam pattern for scanning roadsides near & far. The HID lighting is superior to halogen in respect to picking out natural colors at night. This I consider is the biggest asset in regards to being able to identify IED components while driving.
On off switch is very easy to manipulate and seems weather resistant. Start-up time was always positive and quick.  The lens made it through a brief sand storm during the trip without any scratches or pitting. The 12 volt cord was hard wired behind our fuse box panel and with the quick disconnect at the light makes it the most durable user friendly cord out there. The length again is perfect leaving a gunner plenty of slack to rotate the turret 360 without pulling on the cord.
I am going back out on a similar mission tomorrow and would like to repeat the process. The only change that I have made was reversing the locking swivel wing nut (bolt) to the opposite side. You can see in the first picture below that it is relatively close to the 50 cal, and to make an adjustment I had to tilt the light in order to loosen and thoroughly re tighten.  This will make it easier to reach due to our shield configuration by putting it on the right side.
With my needs of having to occasionally adjust the light from roadside angle to raising it upwards for distant areas or rooftops during
security stops, the only improvements that I could consider is to enlarge the wing nut (bolt) for a stronger grip to quickly lock and unlock the swivel base. If it's not tightened or locked down enough it has a tendency to grind the teeth when pulling it from its magnetic base at various angles.
My other recommendation is to have two HML-6 lights, one on each side of the shield to cover both sides of the road or areas during scanning. With that configuration it would be beneficial to have one
12/24 volt cord with a split "Y" up top to power both lights. I was very pleased with the HML-6 as expected, so I don't look forward to going back to my HML-4.  Although I was out of the order loop while on leave , our company had purchased a small amount of HML-4's (w/o modifications) with the info supplied to them and have had favorable response.
After using the HML-6 on the road, I will definitely push for our company to order at least one if not two for each of our 20+ gun trucks.                                                                                              


Larson Electronics,

Please advise the status of the below purchase. Thank you


V/r, SSgt Riddick


There may be some faulty battery packs in the lights associated with the shipment below. We can't be sure. Ultimately, the batteries, once expired would not take a charge. We haven't had any feedback on your shipment, so there is a possibility that this batch was not affected. However, just in case, we are sending 50 replacement battery packs. They simply snap into the bottom of the lights. They are meant to be changeable, like a cordless drill. I would like to make sure that these battery packs find their way to the end users of these lights. We are shipping them tonight to the same address we shipped the initial order to. If the batteries are faulty, then they will have good replacements. If the battery packs are fine, then they will have spare batteries. Can someone make sure these reach the end users? The original contract # is W91GXE-11-Z-0033

Robert Bresnahan, Larson Electronics


Mr. Bresnahan, SSgt Riddick and Charlene are no longer here however my unit was the recipient of the magna lights. Thank you.


Jason G. Del Mundo MSG, USA


Is the unit having any issues with the batteries? Unfortunately, we sent them out last night. Can you track them down from the original ship to address?

Robert Bresnahan, Larson Electronics


Mr. Bresnahan, I only know of a few that have the issue but we thought it was something wrong here and the voltage. Thank you for being proactive in getting us the replacement batteries.


Jason G. Del Mundo MSG, USA  

Military, Law Enforcement, Civilian Feedback

From: luke clayton [mailto:***********]
Sent: Friday, October 19, 2012 7:34 AM
To: magnalight rob
Subject: I found the model number

Rob, I found the model RL 85... Best dog gone light I've ever used..... And I've use a ton of them through the years! Luke

This is the light Bob Hood is highlighting in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram. I believe you helped him with an image of it or information? Anyway, I've used this light a LOT, on our archery elk hunts in colorado during some very rough use. Used it a lot here in Texas. I will be writing a newspaper Christmas ideas article and want to include it.

Much thanks,



From: Hamel, Scott [mailto:******]
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 11:39 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: MagnaLight Order number: 60221

Dear Rob:

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that it was an absolute pleasure dealing with the sales group on this order!

I called late in the day and I got to speak to an actual person that worked at an actual facility that could actually help me. These days this is a rare occurrence!!! 

I was in a bind and needed a light shipped immediately and the guy that I started off with made sure the part was on hand, once he confirmed this he passed the phone on to another employee to finish the order so he could get it packed for a next day delivery! It worked and the order made it first thing the next morning. This was awesome service which allowed me to complete an activity that was extremely critical.

Thank you very much!



From: Roger Porras [mailto:********]
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 12:30 AM
Subject: RE: Order# 53995 Follow-up

Dear Rob:

Thank you for the follow up. Please thanks to Karla and Valdemar too, they help us a lot too. 

We are very satisfied. 

Thank you




From: Gary Beyschau [mailto:********]
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 7:48 AM
To: <>
Subject: Re: Order# 54545 Follow-up


One always gets a real view of how well a company works when things don't work as planned. I have had 4 out 5 lights fail for no known reason. With the logistics it has been a process but over all I have been pleased. You staff has responded in a timely fashion to these surges that I assume are not the norm.

Overall, very good.

Gary Beyschau


From: Oscar Sifuentes [mailto:*********]
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 6:34 AM
Subject: Larson Electronics Gl 2020

All I have to say is "WOW!!" That Spot-Light I bought from you guys is AWESOME! It really looks Sharp mounted up on the Bow of my Boat. using your mounting instructions really helped. Thanks! The light works fantastic! I was able to see all the channel markers in the Indian River in Florida avoiding the crab traps is super easy now!

I did have to take the boat to a Boat repair shop to have the light wired up to the ignition key. I'm sure I would have been able to wire it up myself if I would have had instructions on how to do it! But At least it was done by a professional and I know It was done right! . Again Thanks for all your help! Have a great year! and I will be posting some pictures on face-book!


Oscar Sifuentes


From: Clyde Elgar mailto:******
Sent: Friday, January 13, 2012 1:34 AM PM
Subject: Info for night filming 14497

Dear Sirs;

I have been filming a documentary on lions in the Zambezi valley , Zimbabwe . I purchased your HID RL-11 spotlight a few years back and have found it to be the most incredible light I have ever owned. I have had many people arriving with their lights trying to compete with it but I have yet to see any light compare.

All the best,

Clyde Elgar

Kavinga Safaris





From: DWP, ChiefElectrician (Deepwater Pathfinder) [mailto:ChiefElect.****]
Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2012 12:55 PM
Subject: RE: MagnaLight Quote #: 14044

We have rcvd the lights and are exactly what we wanted.


Chief Electrician
Deepwater Pathfinder
Transocean Deeepwater Drilling International ChiefElect.*****


From: William R Blythe [mailto:********]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 6:02 PM
Subject: RE: MagnaLight Order number: 48916

Thank you so much! You have been wonderful.

This is the type of customer service that brings people back over and over.   I have already recommended you go several friends, and I will continue to do business with you for certain. Thank you so much.

Please let me know if you need further information for my order.

William R. Blythe, MD, FACS
East Alabama Ear, Nose and Throat, P.C.
1965 1st Avenue
Opelika, AL 36801


From: ******** [mailto:*******]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 6:02 PM
Subject: RE: MagnaLight Order number: 48916

I did order the 35 degree wide angle 900 lumen light, I mounted it to an old shorty motorcycle helmet, and use it for night digs at the ocean for razor clams. Its the brightest thing on the beach. I carry a 12 V gell cell battery in a backpak to power it.

Bob Botnen


From: Mike Butler [mailto:*******]
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 6:02 PM
Subject: RE: MagnaLight Order number: 48916

Thank you. I greatly appreciate your quick service and look forward to doing business with you guys again.

Mike Butler
Jackson, TN


Andy Coverdale [mailto:*******]
Sent: Tuesday, December 20, 2011 5:49 AM
Subject: Re: MagnaLight Order number: 49020 has Shipped





Florida LINE-X
242 Hollywood Blvd SW
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Florida LINE-X


From: Julie Blaho [mailto:**********]
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2011 2:57 PM
Subject: RE: Spotlights and Flashlights Order

Thank you for your quick response and refund. The light we purchased was all that it was advertised. The guys at the shop and our customer loved it. Shipping also was very prompt. We look forward to doing business with you again.

Thanks again for the great customer service,

Julie Blaho

Florida LINE-X
242 Hollywood Blvd SW
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Florida LINE-X


From: Joel P***** [mailto:*********]
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2011 4:09 PM
Subject: RE: Spotlights and Flashlights

Thanks Christine, I really appreciate your help and service. Yours is the first business that I have ever had email to ask if I needed help after a transaction I did not complete. You have been added to my favourites, that's for sure, and I will pass on my positive experience to the other guys on my hunting forum and jeep forum.

Thanks again for the great customer service,




  I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with this light.  I have compared it to the other lights I had been using, and it is just far superior.  My job and the safety of myself and hundreds of others depends upon me being able to see what I am doing, and to signal high speed trains of impending danger.  Typically, I work at night, in a bucket truck, with the truck in motion, riding along railroad tracks, in the air, with trains running around me at the same time.  Inspections of the overhead catenary have to be done very quickly.  It is apparent to me that this light, though very expensive, is worth every penny.  The quality of the light is obvious.  Instead of a tiny bright spot in the middle of the beam, with rather poor illumination of the perimeter, this light does a fine job of consistent lighting of the entire beam.  The light seems durable, bright, and light in weight.  It also lasts considerably longer than the time than I need it to be lit.  Very nice light. 

Thanks, Jim Speck



From: Amanda Bendle [mailto:*************]
Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2011 12:52 AM
To: christine

Hi Christine,

I have been searching your website and I think we use the Golight Stryker GL-3049 -Wireless Remote Control Spotlight w/ 2 remotes. We normally only have the dashmount control. We fit these up to boats and resell them. I wonder if there is a certain quantity we can order that we would get a discounted rate of purchase? We have in the past got them from a Supplier in Melbourne, Victoria. However your wonderful lights were ordered and arrived before he returned our call. I have been waiting for about a month for lights from him so I need to organise an alternate supplier. Look forward to hearing from you with any suggestions at all.

Thanks so much. Kind Regards,

Amanda Bendle, Administration

From: Amanda Bendle [mailto:*************]
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 12:59 AM
To: christine

Hi Christine, Just letting you know we have received our go lights and new brackets. I can’t thank you enough for the fantastic service! My boss and I had a bet that your first delivery would be received before we had a return phone call from our Australian supplier. In fact now we have had both of your deliveries and still awaiting a phone call follow up on an order we placed over a months ago. What a relief we found you!!

Thank you very much, Kind Regards,

Amanda Bendle, Administration



From: Ron ****** [mailto:ron.******@*****.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 8:49 PM
Subject: RE: Spotlights and Flashlights Invoice

Regarding the following item ordered:

3 each – Explosion Proof 166 Foot SOOW Extension Cord - 15 amp continuous service Part # EPEXC-166 Price: $795.00 The description states that:

“We also include an extra matching plug for operators to attach to their equipment which allows them to avoid any issues with plug and receptacle equipment compatibility with this cord.”

This was not included in our shipment and wondered if it was inadvertently omitted, as we would still need the matching plugs. Please ship the 3 twist-lock plugs as soon as possible. If it has already been shipped, please disregard this email. The quality of the items received is “first class” and we will definitely place future orders for lighting requirements from your company.

Thank you, Ron

We won the Campbell County Predator Calling Competition by killing nineteen coyotes. We credit some of our success to the awesome new HD light (HL-85-HID). It worked great.  We could see critters up to 1,000 yards.  We are currently writing articles in Hunting Illustrated and we hope to do one on night hunting.


I went to see the customer yesterday, they really love the light.  They like the light so much they want to design a new one for another application. They want this light to have a double head.

Marc F******


My name is Cpl Baccus and I am TAD to the Task Force National Capital Region. I used to work with Trax in CSS co. I'm in Iraq now been here for about 2 weeks and as we do our patrols at night there is very poor visibility. I talked to Rob from Larson Electronics that makes lights that I put on my Humvee and they work great! The only problem is we need more lights to go around. We have 54 Humvees and 7 MRAPS. There were only enough lights to put onto 6 HUMVEES. I was told there isn't an NSN for these items yet. We need to order more of these lights but we need an NSN so I put down the part numbers that we need the NSN for. If you could make an NSN for these parts that would be great.
Semper Fi,

Cpl Erick R Baccus



From: 5P Welding Inc [mailto:*******]
Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 10:27 AM
Subject: Order#42384

Thank you for shipping our order #42384 so fast. The spotlights are awesome! Thank you for your help!

Lei Ann Peace
5P Welding Inc

From: Poe, Jamie [mailto:********]
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2011 10:14 AM
To: ''
Subject: RE: Spotlights and Flashlights Invoice

Thank you so much it is always a pleasure doing business with you all, everyone is always so nice, and so trustworthy, you all really do a great job. We deal with a lot of vendors and you all blow them away on how you handle your business, thank so much David on your prompt shipping, and I can’t wait to hit the beach!!!!
I wish every vendor we worked with was as precise and nice as you all are!

Jamie Poe
Destin Warehouse
Gulf Power
office: 850-244-4735
So Linc: 1*30*1009

Hello. I have already received the 8 keys and I would like to thank you for a very pleasant transaction. I will definitely buy some more in the future. I have already left you positive feedback in Ebay. Please don't forget yours. Thanks.
Kind regards,


Hi Rob
I just received the cord and the light works great!!!!   Thank you for your quick service and I will be sure to tell everyone to use your company for all their
lighting needs
Thanks again.



We tested the GL-3049H on the high seas after 9pm and we are able to see islands which are located at two kilometers very well indeed. The commandos are very happy –

 George (Malaysia)


I’m quickly becoming a believer in Larson Electronics LLC in near apostolic fervor! I appreciate your “do it right, do it now” way of doing things! I just sent your website coordinates out to thirty five of my outdoor oriented friends. They’ll think I’m working for Larson Electronics! When someone goes above and beyond my expectations I think that practice should be recognized. I’m doing my friends a favor. Sincerely,

Ed C


Thanks for the quick response. Great light for Gator hunting!  Season ended Oct 31st.  Just getting my stuff in order.  Thanks,


I got the spotlight today and just wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your customer service and how you guys stand behind your products. Not having a receipt I was sure to not get any help in this matter, but I guess there are still people in business that realize the importance of customer satisfaction and that happy customers are usually repeat customers. You can bet that if I have any need for any products that you guys carry, I'll be sure to give you my business and will also recommend your products to family and friends as well. Thanks again for going out of your way to see that I was taken care of as a valued customer.

Jerry C.



The lights came today and they look awesome. I just want to reiterate how much we appreciate you guys doing this for us. As soon as we get them mounted and wired I'll send some pics and video. It's still at the shop being reworked right now, so I'm guessing roughly two or three weeks till she's put back together and ready for her debut. You guys are fantastic, thanks a million!


I just got my order yesterday! What a light! Holy Cow, better than I expected! It will be mounted semi-permanently on the rear of my truck cap w/ your base plate. Will be used for late night camp set ups, recovery/repairs if needed and any other time a light may be needed anywhere on or around my 4x4 truck, thanks for a great product / reasonable price , MADE IN AMERICA, outstanding!!!


Received the spotlight today and have it down to the installer already.  Thanks for the great service and if this works out good for our guards, we may have a need for a couple more of these units.  I will let you know in the near future.



Christine, I want to thank you for your recommendation for the HID Golight Stryker 3051H. It fully meets my expectations for brightness. I just received the power supply and tested it out tonight.
I just wanted to send a short note to tell you "Thank You" for having such great customer service.  I ordered a 7" 5 million candlepower
handheld spot/floodlight with the red lens and reflector, and a magnetic base.  The items were shipped the same day, and arrived as scheduled.  When I opened my package, the magnetic base was not in the box.  I called the number on the invoice that was included in the box, and talked a nice young lady, ( don't remember her name ) she apologized for the base not being in the box and said that she would get me one out that day.  I received the magnetic base today.  That is awesome.  Keep up the great work.  I will continue to buy from Larson Electronics. Thank You,

 Carl B


I just wanted to send a note of thanks.  I just got my light back; you fixed it as good as new.  Repair cost was fair and service was exceptional.  When I drive into the garage again I will buy a new light from you!!!!!!!  (That way I'll have a spare while I wait for you to fix it again)
Bill S...
Kingwood Texas



I've never written a fan letter for a flashlight.  I just got two of your 4 watt Explosion Proof LED Flashlights (EXP-LED-F4W) and they are fantastic.   I am a law professor who teaches safety to engineers. I get out in the field a lot.   I just used them on a plant inspection tour and the participants were jealous.  Both my work and my hobbies require a lightweight 100 foot spotlight and none of my many lights are as good as yours.  Now if you only made a waterproof version for my scuba diving.

Prof. Vincent Brannigan


Mr. Larson, received your light today, we are having a small flood here in the south east, so I have not used the light, but it sure does look good.  Just wanted to thank you for prompt shipment and your help.  I will send you some feedback on the use of the light when we use it.... thanks again.

 Charles W******* Chesapeake, Virginia



Melbourne, Australia Police Officer regarding Golight spotlight

Gidday Rob,

Stryker 3067 arrived today.  All well and good.  When the guys and gals check out my competition boat this season at the Freshwater Fishing Classics and Comp's, I'll be sure to give them a demo and pass on where I bought the unit from.
Thanks heaps,

Ian Hawke (Melbourne, Aus).


Hi Christine,

I feel like a bit of a fool, after I sent you the email saying I could not register. I tried it again and I think everything worked. I got a customer I.D. and an order number. So now I just have to wait on my order (I hope) I think you said it takes about 2 weeks. Would it be possible for you to confirm that everything went smoothly at your end? Thank you for being so patient and helpful.



Thanks for the great customer service! Have a great day!



Hi Christine,
Just to let you know the light arrived. It works perfectly, and I am really pleased with it. Thanks again for all your help.



Thanks for your early reply. I understand the situation on availability. I just received the item this morning and as always you have impressed me and also the Security Company I work for. We are going through the annual updating of patrol vehicles and my Operations manager was very impressed with my light.
Well thanks again,



Hi !
Do you work on Sunday then ? Wow, that's what I call service : )
Hear from you tomorrow.



Subject: Re: 2nd day shipping from

Thanks for the reply Christine. Having shopped on line quite often I tend to get a little cynical at times. I really did not expect a reply from a real person. Nice to know that customer service is important to your company.


Thanks for letting me know but I was aware of same as I am planning to get around the problem by "adapt" the spare rock cover I have also ordered.
Please release order as made.

Many thanks, kind regards.

I bought a go light from you all 3 yrs ago. It mounts to a perko connection and it's remote operated on the bow of a boat with a 6" stantion. I couldn't be more pleased with its perfomance. It's simply a life saver when traveling through timber in the dark trying to get back and forth to a duck blind. 



Thank you so much for your generous gift I really wasn't expecting that.  I know that I will be able to put all 3
lights to good use and the soldiers in my Platoon will be greatly appreciative. Again thank you for your gift.

1LT Jeremy



You guys are awesome. Great responses to my questions and super fast on shipping the order.
Thank you very much,

Colin Aikman Skagway, Fire Department


Wanted to say “thanks” for the prompt delivery.  I placed an order yesterday morning and received it today in Alexandria, LA.  Couldn’t  ask for better service… Keep up the good work!  I’ll surely check with your company the next time something is needed.



From: CP Drilling

Thank you for a great service. We have received the flood light today. Regards Chris Parry

Chris Parry

From: Radley H

Just received the set of Universal Handcuff Keys. I first discovered them on ebay. TERRIFIC item, both for LEO's and those of us traveling ANYWHERE overseas! Gonna order 2 more in just a minute... you guys are the best, These items are surely saving lives! Thanks again,


I am shipping the 4 foot lights and the 1000 watt Metal Halide Lights via Conway and the Drop lights via UPS.  I will send you tracking numbers as soon as I get them.  Please let me know if you have any questions or issues.  Thanks for your help.  They worked well for us.

 Best Regards,

Dave Noles


 Thank you for FAST completion of order and for getting me the invoice that quickly. Have a great week!

 Devon Elizabeth Catharine


ADS, Inc.


Overseas customer regarding Golight spotlight

Hi. I got my
Golight from you. It is a real nice light. Just wanted to thank you and your good service.

Antone Gaspar


Dear Larson Electronics,

Having heard excellent reports from your international customers on CPF I am very keen to buy a 14W powerlight. Living in the UK how much would the shipping cost?




Hi Christine,

Wow, your reply arrived at a time when I was reassessing my investment in your light and my concern with the performance matching the cost.....HMmmmmm
1)Can I propose that you substitute one of the
diffuser filters on my original filter with the amber and ship the PL-24-S with both diffuser/amber??
2) The 2 batteries supplied in the PL-24-S are lithium Ion, right? Provided you make 1 & 2 get the blessing , I say send it on to NC. Thank you for contacting me with a better solution, that sort of thing doesn't happen very often!! Please contact me directly on my mobile for any additional information that be required. Thanks,



No problem, thanks for the update. You guys make GREAT stuff.


Great...look for our PO shortly!  Here's to a long partnership.



Hi Christine, Thank you for all your help.



I would like to let you know that today I received all 76
lights via Fed Ex. Thank you and I look forward to future business with you.


Michael J. Smith

Thanks for all your assistance, it was greatly appreciated.


Subject: Re: Shipping information for Golight 5167

Alright thank you very much for that, thanks for services


 This is all post lights and garage lights on vs. just the 60W 20 LED Larson Electronics. (View Pics Here) I am very happy at 10 months out from purchase.

Tag Cutchis, M.D.


Dear Sirs,

I love the light I purchased from you. The attached picture shows how I will be using it.

Raymond King


From: 5P Welding Inc

Thank you for shipping our order #42384 so fast. The spotlights are awesome! Thank you for your help!

Lei Ann Peace
5P Welding Inc

Larson Electronics' Sales Feedback on Ebay


Gift for Him - Remote Control Black Light - Suction mnt (#270198984527)
As advertised, thanks.

Flashlight - HID 1300 Lumen Rechargeable Li-ion battery (#270184944636)
Lightspeed delivery. No velcro though. No problem.

Gift for Him - Remote Control Boat Light - Suction base (#270193337140)
Had trouble with delivery. One email to L.E. Larson Electronics fixed everything. AAA+++

Gift for Him - Remote Control Boat Light - Suction base (#270195106006)
Fast Shipping, good product, would buy from again.

Gift for Him - Remote Control Boat Light - Suction base (#270199739231)
Very nice. Thanks

HUMVEE Blackout Headlight Cover - 850 nm Infrared Lens (#270181469718)
All correct, good ebayer, very very fast

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 5167 Magnetic Base (#270198703110)
Fast Shipping, good product, would buy from again.  

Gift for Him - Remote Control Camo Light - Suction base (#270197190300)
Perfect, fast ship! Thank you!

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 2000-M - Magnetic Base (#270191967940)
Great product smooth transaction A+

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 5149 Magnetic Base (#270198703227)
WOW, this thing is awesome thx.

Gift for Him - Remote Control Black Light - Suction mnt (#270197189894)
As advertised! Fast shipping, too! Thanks. AAA++++ eBayer.

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3049 Magnet (#270188414021)
Tres bon vendeur, je le recommande

PowerLight - 24 Watt HID 1300 Lumen - Short Version (#270198225129)
Exactly as described, well packaged, arrived quickly, Thanks.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 7901 (#270197899705)
Fast pay and smooth transaction. Recommended! A+++++

Gift for Him - Remote Control Boat Light - Suction base (#270189937903)
Nice lights-not mounted yet-shipped and received in a timely manner--great Ebayer

Gift for Him - Remote Control Boat Light - Suction base (#270197626231)
Great to do business with

-- (#190180403582)
Fast service, product as promised

Flood Light - 35 Watt HID - 3200 Lumens - 250' pattern (#270193061042)
Looks nice-not mounted yet-shipped and received in great time---great Ebayer

HID Dive Light - 35 Watt HID - 3200 Lumens (#270193112302)
Good product. Picture made me think I was getting two lights though!!!

Gift for Him - Remote Control Boat Light - Suction base (#270194940412)
Good product, fast shipper

4 inch HID Equipment Light works on 12VDC and 24VDC (#270192127349)
All ok, Excellent people to deal with.

Tow Light - 18 Flashing LED - Adjustable Magnetic Base (#270197189770)
Smooth transaction, great product.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 7901 (#270197264847)
The item was as listed and I received it very rapidly.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 2021 (#270188618471)

Spotlight - CML-3B-CP - Blue Eye Bulb - Marine/Boat Use (#270197899571)
As advertised! Problem w/1st one, seller shipped replacement on my word! AAA++++

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3049 Magnet (#270194877495)
Rec’ item in good condition, great seller

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 5149 Magnetic Base (#270188424069)
Great Ebayer.  Really fast turnaround/ Thanks

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 2000-M - Magnetic Base (#270197527725)
Quality of the flashlight is outstanding. A must for law enforcement officers.

Adjustable Stanchion Mount for Lights, Binoculars, etc. (#270194877732)
Very Fast shipping product very nice works well at -39F In Alaska

-- (#180187777986)
Good transaction

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3067 Magnet (#270184277514)
HOLY COW! That payment came in so fast I had to duck! THANKS A BUNCH!

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 7951 (#270184576770)
Smooth transaction.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 2020 (#270178046141)
Great Ebayer!!! Super fast shipping and product just as described. A++++

-- (#290179278578)
Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent buyer.  A++++++.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 2021 (#270181470058)
Great service and product, thanks.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 2051-M - Magnetic Base (#270176371852)
Just an outstanding Ebay transaction- Thanks for a smooth auction.

-- (#110182367941)
Item is as described fast shipping would recommend

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 7951 (#270182614217)
Quick shipping............Thanks

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3049 Magnet (#270176646876)
Smooth transaction, great product.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 5149 Magnetic Base (#270184948129)
Super transaction -very pleased with item!!!! Thanks for a great Christmas gift.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 2020 (#270174582665)
Fast shipping, product as described, A++++++

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 5167 Magnetic Base (#270173081677)
SUPER FAST DELIVERY!!! Fastest delivery I've ever had!!! Great Quality!!!!

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3049 Magnet (#270186102011)
Great service and fast shipping.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 2021 (#270172406408) AAAAAAA+++++++++

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3049 Magnet (#270174582994)
Everything was great

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3067 - White (#270184941595) Great seller

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 2000 White (#270181470202) Good Transaction

-- (#270162781416)

Flashlight - HID 1300 Lumen Rechargeable Li-ion battery (#270181330232)
Very bright, remote work good.

Golight Remote Control Spotlight 5149 Magnetic Base (#270176370933)
Fast shipping, arrived just as described.

-- (#270166835370)
Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous light. Many thanks!

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3067 Magnet (#270170198201)
Smooth transaction. No problems. Thanks

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 7951 (#270179177939)
Item exactly as described. No Complaints here. Thanks!

-- (#270168947443)
Aucun problemes la rapidité en plus

Hunting Searchlight - 12 VDC - Permanent Mount (#270184939067)
Very Happy with the remote spotlight. Quick shipping + good advice b4 the sale

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3049 Magnet (#270166591168)
Very fast shipping Great Product A++

-- (#270169343065) WOW! Super Fast Payment! Awesome Buyer! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Golight Remote Control Spotlight / Searchlight 7951 (#270184279949)
Thank you for a brilliant service from the USA to UK. Wished others were the same

Golight Wireless Remote Control Spotlight 3067 Magnet (#270173082304)
Very prompt delivery. Pleasure to do business with. Thank You

-- (#230157347461) WOW! Terrific Buyer!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- (#230157347566)
WOW! Super Fast Payment! Terrific Buyer! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- (#270152274482)

-- (#270145875136)
Prompt payment, perfect transaction, thank you! Please come back anytime! A+++

-- (#230157347640)
WOW! Super Fast Payment! Awesome Buyer! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- (#270149161490)
Excellent product.

-- (#290049475620)
Light is fantastic. Had to pay extra for import vat plus delivery, so be careful.

-- (#230157347731)
Received item as listed

-- (#270149170099)
Perfect transaction.

-- (#270142355183)
Great transaction-Thanks.

-- (#270161888590)
Received item as listed

-- (#270152275424)
Good product. Fast delivery. Good communication.

-- (#270132268482) Excellent price, product, and super fast shipping. Will use them again, thanks!

-- (#270161892885)

-- (#270145884806)
Just as described - Thanks

-- (#270142354898)
Product exactly as described, super-fast shipping, highly recommended AAA +++

-- (#270162781683)
Great deal and super fast shipping. A+

-- (#270149162000)
Fast Payment! Great Ebayer!!

-- (#270137442950)
Price excellent, product excellent, shipping excellent.

-- (#270161889800)
Good communication. Gr8 product, will definitely purchase from them again. A++++

-- (#260146040435)
Fast ship, good service!!!

-- (#270132267049)
Great product***********Very Pleased

-- (#270157854037)
Excellent transaction. Great shipping.

-- (#270145874481)
Fast shipping. Thanks! RECOMMENED!! 

-- (#270127517055)
Great Ebayer. Real honest and great to work with. Would hope to buy from again AAA

-- (#270161888268)
Great deal, fast delivery. A+++

-- (#270124372204)
Awesome transaction!!!

-- (#270127513531)
Great Ebayer, would hope to buy from again. AAA

-- (#270161893017)
Received fast & in Great condition!! THANKS !!!

-- (#270145899603)
Great ebayer.  Fast shipping.

-- (#270127514288)
Item received on time as specified. Very happy.

-- (#270124371213)
Quick shipping.

-- (#270123203892)
As advertised. Thanks.

-- (#270120949400)
"Quick Shipper. Great to deal with AAAAAA++++++"

-- (#270117585850)
Excellent seller!!! Just as described--best spotlight in the industry. Thanks!!!

-- (#270119625571)
Fast shipping. Works good

-- (#270115694159)
Quick Payment, Super to deal with.

-- (#110121842429)
Fast Payment. Come back to Pos of America. Thanks

Great to deal with! A++ Ebayer

-- (#270117588115)
*****A+ Seller Item as described, well packaged, promptly shipped!

-- (#270113775918)
Very nice light. Fast service good price.

-- (#270112330301)
Fast shipping, nice product

-- (#270112330760)
Excellent service. Thanx a+++++++++

-- (#270106151988)
Shipped quickly.

-- (#270107871846)
Nice light, works good, fast shipping.

-- (#270107873243)
Very fast shipping.  Excellent item as described!! Great all around transaction!!

-- (#270102624130)
Excellent Ebayer

-- (#270100534468)
Fast Shipping, Item in perfect condition. An asset to Ebay++++

-- (#270100701630)
Awesome, thanks for the smooth transaction.

-- (#270097183003)
This is a perfect transaction... A++++++++++

-- (#270104416307)
Got it thanks!

-- (#270104415558)
Great service fast.  Got exactly what I needed. Perfecto !!!!!!!!!!

-- (#270098117896)
Checked cows last night. Worked excellent. AAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-- (#270100700028)
Very nice, plus the lowest price for the Golight on Ebay.

-- (#270093523723)
Excellent Service Fast AAAAA

-- (#270090646855)
Great Ebayer ! Thanks!

-- (#290088326578)
Fast service and a great product!

-- (#270092489637)
Fast shipping...item exactly as described.....Ebay Seller-AA++++

-- (#270089563008)
Fast Payment! Great Ebayer!! A++++++

-- (#250088403866)
Fast Payment! Great Ebayer!! A++++++

-- (#250087077866)
Perfect, Fast Shipping, Good Communication, Thanks, A+++++++++++++++++++

-- (#270093526587)
Nice light, quick shipping, highly recommend. A++++

-- (#270090645858)
Awesome product, great Ebay seller. AAAAAAAA

-- (#270087131217)
Very nice, fast shipping. Thanks !!!!!

-- (#270080843732)
Great product and fastest shipping I ever had.

-- (#270088223734)
Fast service. Great seller.

-- (#270089564033)
Great service, fast shipping, would buy from again. Thanks again.

-- (#270088222881)
Product was as described. Fast shipping, would buy from again.

-- (#270087131497)
Thanks. Fast shipping, great Ebayer.

-- (#270089559995)

-- (#270075886904)
Product as promised. Fast shipping. Great communication.

-- (#270089536939)
Good transaction - thanks - Lee

-- (#270085468992)
Great product !!!! Exactly what was advertised.

-- (#270088223066)
Exactly as described. Recommend this seller.

-- (#270085467656)
I received it. Thank you.

-- (#270080848974)

-- (#180082612182)
Fast Shipping.  AAAA+++++

-- (#270080307691)
Good Item.

-- (#270080306140)
Product was in good shape. Would buy from again.

-- (#270080848365)
A+++++++++++++Recommended !

-- (#270076713534)
Great price, great product, fast ship. Thanks!

-- (#270061817406)
Item arrived quickly. Great communication...Thanks

-- (#270082781567)
Great price, would do repeat business anytime.

-- (#270078351272)
Super fast delivery. Very happy with product. Would buy from again. Thanks guys

-- (#270076713877)
Great service.

-- (#270071379685)
Got my light product. Good, fast shipping. Thanks.  Good seller

-- (#270077789504)

-- (#270074803430)
Good seller.....

-- (#270073812354)
Great product. Excellent service. THANK YOU

-- (#270075502736)
Good service.

-- (#270074176814)
Great service and great light. Thanks!

-- (#270055357807)
Great seller, fast shipping, the best. Thank you!!!!!

-- (#270075877652)
AAAAA+++++ E-bayer.  Fast shipping and good price. Keep up the good E-baying.

-- (#270073488736)
Exactly as ordered.  Arrived promptly. Great Ebay experience.

-- (#270075875940)
Excellent service!!

-- (#270063721211)
1st class Ebayer A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-- (#270070903765)
Excellent Ebayer, great product.  a+++++++++++++++++++++++

-- (#270069846216)
Great transaction.  Fast shipping. Thank you

-- (#270069846070)
Good product. Fast shipping A+++

-- (#270069543962)
Very fast reply, great merchandise, excellent seller.

-- (#270044538588)
Looks exactly like what was described. Won't install till summer. Would buy from again.

-- (#270065176095)
Thanks. Great product, fast shipping

-- (#270067760829)
Excellent service.

-- (#270051441439)
Very prompt delivery. Exactly as advertised.  Great E-Bay experience. Thanks!

-- (#270069134287)
Fast shipper!! Item exactly as described!! Great Ebayer!!

-- (#270065175789)
Smooth transaction, fast shipping. Great Ebay'er A+++++

-- (#270065175991)
Very fast.  A++++++++++ Would buy again.

-- (#270067651921)
Smooth sale-Recommend this seller-A+++

-- (#270061049365)
Great product, good Ebayer. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-- (#270062949734)

-- (#270056153825)
Great to deal with... Shipped the same day.

-- (#270065587157)
Man O Man was that fast ! Great deal ! A++++++

-- (#270063723045)
Quick shipping easy transaction - GOOD EBAYER !!!

-- (#270061817539)
Fast shipper! Great to do business with!

-- (#270066092187)
Got it today. Fast Shipping A+A+A+A+A+

-- (#270066092384)
Great product, very pleased, fast shipping, great Ebayer!!!!

-- (#270065177182)
Fast shipper! Great to do business with!

-- (#270065588914)
As described.  Fast delivery A+

-- (#270061817928)
Great sale. Item as expected. AAAA+++++

-- (#270060853487)
Light works great thanks !!!!

-- (#270055078106)

-- (#270061817595)
Works well A1 +++

-- (#270054525337)
Loved delivery...THANKS

-- (#270055077144)
Thanks. Great buy for the light.

-- (#270044397990)
Great seller, fast turn around.

-- (#270054524883)
Item just as advertised. Prompt shipment.

-- (#270058484518)
Great item, fast shipping !!! ++++++

-- (#270033882146)
Thanks very much for your quick payment and friendly emails. Highly Recommend!!

-- (#7602574791)
Excellent customer, hope to do business again! A+++

-- (#260026405009)
Excellent customer, hope to do business again! A+++  

-- (#260027235117)
Excellent customer, hope to do business again! A+++  

-- (#260027636799)
Great Ebayer.

-- (#270047885465)
Great service, fast shipping. A+++++++++++++

-- (#270050725250)
Instantaneous purchase and payment! Couldn't be better!! Thanks!!!

-- (#330051430841)
Nice light, thanks.

-- (#270054524155)

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Excellent service.
Works like a charm. Quick shipping. Very pleased.
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Very pleased repeat customer! Helpful email w/ UPS tracking #. Prompt delivery.
Very nice piece of equipment! Fast, courteous. Good seller.
Very good communication and fast delivery.  Would buy from again. AAAA++++
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Very good transaction.  Arrived as promised.
Very fast delivery! As advertised! Thank you!
Very fast delivery thanks.
Unbelievably fast shipping! Among the "best of the best" in the Ebay community!
These are very nice flashlights. Thanks
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Super fast shipper. Terrific light and is it ever bright! Recommended AAAAAA
So far, so good! Thanks, the light came yesterday.
Smooth transaction, excellent customer service and super fast shipping!!! A+++++
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Says what he means. Means what he says. You can't ask for more.
Responsive, fast shipping, good item A+++
Received wrong model but seller fixed immediately! I paid more to keep both! A++
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Powerlight arrived within week. Thank you.
Perfect transaction, great product, great delivery, no hassles!
Package arrived quickly, and packaging was perfect. Would do business again!
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