Larson Electronics LLC
Phone: 1-800-369-6671
Phone: 1-903-498-3363
Fax: 1-903-498-3364
Ship Address (for orders and returns)
9419 E US Highway 175
Kemp, TX 75143
Remit Address (Invoice mailing address)
9419 E US Highway 175
Kemp, TX 75143
Tax ID: 161541123
CCR Cage Code: 41TL0
Reps and Certs on ORCA
D&B: 078373685

Your UNSPSC Information
    Code           Description
    83101805    Industrial power distribution
    56111901    Industrial lighting or power or data components
    39112102    Light emitting diode LED optic lighting
    39111530    Commercial down lighting
    39111713    Remote lighting fixture
    39111619    Large area lighting system
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Your SIC Information
    Code     Description
    3641      Electric lamps
    3648      Lighting equipment
    5063      Electrical apparatus
    3612      Power distribution
    3613      Switchgear and switch panels
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Your NAICS Information
    Code      Description
    335122   Industrial light fixtures, electric
    335129   Floodlights, electric
    336321   Electric power distribution