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- 4 Foot, Fluorescent Bulb - Replacement 4' Fluorescent Bulb for Explosion Proof Fixtures - Case of 12 You're NOT logged in, Please log in   

4 Foot, Fluorescent Bulb - Replacement 4' Fluorescent Bulb for Explosion Proof Fixtures - Case of 12

Part # FRL-48    Price:  $47.00

    Spec Sheet  

Replacement 4 Foot Fluorescent Bulb. Ideal for spare or replacement bulbs on 4 foot fluorescent Larson Electronics fixtures, ideal for replacement of our Explosion Proof, 4 Foot, 4 Lamp Fixtures. T-Series replacement 4 foot fluorescent bulb.

Fluorescent lamps are not voltage specific, meaning there are no low voltage or high voltage fluorescent lamps. The fixture's battery/ballast system converts the incoming voltage to the voltage that the lamps require. This applys only to fluorescent lamps and NOT LED tube style replacement lamps.

Price per case - lamps sold in cases containing 12 units each.

Lamp Options:
Our most popular standard lamp configuration uses 54 Watt High Output T5HO fluorescent lamps producing 5000 lumens per lamp (10,000 lumens total). However, we do have options, including:

F54-T5/850/HO – 54 watt, 5000 lumens per bulb, 20,000 hours life, 5000 Kelvin color (Suffix –50KT5HO)
F54-T5/841/HO – 54 watt, 5000 lumens per bulb, 20,000 hours life, 4100 Kelvin color (Suffix –41KT5HO)
F48-T12/HO – 60 watt, 4050 lumens per bulb, 12,000 hours life, 4100 Kelvin color (Suffix –T12HO)
F32-T8/841 – 32 watt, 2950 lumens per bulb, 24,000 hours life, 4100 Kelvin color (Suffix –T8)

We offer a choice of bulbs with all of our explosion proof fluorescent fixtures. However, we standardize on the T5HO bulbs. Many of our customers, including Naval bases, shipyards, oil rigs and petrochemical processing plants operate in very cold conditions, and T12HO operate best in those environments. The T12HO bulbs are also the least expensive to replace. T-8 bulbs are inexpensive as well, but you trade off lower light output for longer life. Finally, T5HO bulbs cost about 2 times that of the other bulbs but offer high light output and long life.

NOTE ON LAMPS: There is some confusion on T12 bulbs. There are 2 types of T12 bulbs. The older T12 bulbs ran on magnetic ballasts. Those ballasts have vanished and the T12 bulbs that work with those ballasts are vanishing as well. All of our explosion proof fluorescent fixtures use electronic ballasts and the F48-T12/HO bulb is widely available and low cost to replace. We use Philips bulbs and they plan to continue the T12 series indefinitely, as does GE. In fact, GE is now selling an electronic ballast replacement for T12 based fixtures that formerly operated with their magnetic ballasts.

Part #:FRL-48 (47305)
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