It’s Time to Think About Failsafe

At Larson Electronics, we understand how important it is to keep your employees protected in hazardous workspaces. That’s why we produced and perfected the most effective and reliable failsafe lighting.

We offer a variety of fluorescent, halogen and LED style fixtures – such as bug eyes and exit signs – equipped with emergencies features such as:

  • Self-contained lighting with battery backups for failsafe lighting during power outages
  • Ballast-free fluorescent fixtures
  • Vaporproof and explosion proof LEDs protected from corrosive fumes, moisture, combustible dusts and explosive vapors and gases
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction for use in wet areas like saltwater/marine environments
  • Shatter and heat resistant lenses

Our emergency failsafe lighting options provide you and your employees with highly efficient and affordable lighting solutions for areas where dangerous substances may be present, such as extraction rooms, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and chemical plants.

Shop our failsafe lighting today and ensure your company’s safety for the new year.

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