Streamline Plant Shutdowns and MRO with Portable Transformer Boxes

The end of the year marks the start of numerous holiday traditions and celebrations. For industrial plants and facilities, this period is typically reserved for shutdowns and MRO projects.

With most people traveling and commercial businesses closed for the holidays, workers don’t have to compete for space on roads, public locations and structures.

The window to complete plant shutdowns and MRO tasks is small. Companies want to keep it this way because during shutdowns, the plant (or sections of the facility) is offline. Additionally, due to high labor and equipment costs, MRO projects are expensive to implement, so workers must stay productive at all times.

A successful plant shutdown or MRO project starts with the right equipment. That’s why it’s vital to use reliable, portable transformers to support your lights, welding machines, drills and other tools at the work site.

Larson Electronics offers a range of portable transformers, power distribution stations and spider boxes for plant shutdowns and MRO. Our power distribution products aim to bridge the gap between out-of-reach supply lines/generators and equipment, while ensuring streamlined and accurate voltage conversion.

We offer UL 1640 portable transformers and power distribution stations in single phase or three phase, ranging in sizes from 15 kVA to 150 kVA (or larger). The units are offered in a range of primary/secondary voltages and receptacle configurations. Our spider boxes are compact and easy to deploy in temporary work sites.

To ensure durability and for peace of mind, our portable transformers are protected by NEMA-rated enclosures. Mounted on carts, dollies or stands with wheels, moving these units from one location to another is not an issue. Lifting eyelets, forklift skid pockets and solid wheels provide options for transportation around the site.

Visit the link below to view our selection of portable power distribution units and transformer boxes for plant shutdowns/MRO projects:

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