Light Your Job Site Anywhere in The World

There are a lot of industrial lighting products on the market that would be perfect for your industry or application other than the fact that they simply will not operate on international voltages. It can be frustrating to come across the ideal product for your need and then not be able to use it because it won’t work safely with the type of power you have available.

At Larson Electronics, we are proud to offer a wide and diverse variety of lighting products that are designed to operate flawlessly on international voltages including 220V, 230V, and 240V at 50Hz. We highly value our international customers and are thrilled to be able to offer durable and built-to-last lighting products for their needs.

The variety of lighting products designed for international voltages that is offered by Larson Electronics covers a wide array of possible applications and job site requirements. Some of the international voltage products include explosion proof LED and fluorescent string lights for illuminating warehouses and other job sites, explosion proof LED, fluorescent and metal halide fixtures, quadpod mounted lighting solutions and handheld rechargeable explosion proof flashlights.

You can be confident that all Larson Electronics’ products are built to last and extremely durable and rugged. Other products may fail after hard use, but Larson Electronics’ products will continue to perform under rough and abusive conditions including hazardous locations, saltwater environments and outdoor locations.

If you are in the need for industrial lighting solutions that operate on international voltages of 220V, 230V and 240V at 50Hz, then look no further than Larson Electronics.

Light your job site anywhere in the world.

Durable. Versatile. Built-to-last.

Choose Larson Electronics.

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