Green Hunting Lights

Hunting after the sun goes down requires hunters to be prepared in a way that day hunting doesn’t require. The ability to spot and pinpoint target game animals without spooking them is of the utmost importance and hunting light color has a lot to do with that.

While white lights may be the most commonly thought of for illuminating dark nights, hunters have considerations beyond visibility to think about when choosing a hunting spotlight. Namely, how the color of their hunting light will affect the animal they are targeting on their hunt.

Many hunters are probably familiar with the idea that red lights do not spook game as easily as white lights and that idea is definitely true. However, that doesn’t mean that a red hunting light is the best option for every situation. In fact, green hunting lights are growing in popularity among night hunters and especially among nighttime hog hunters.

Green hunting lights are much more effective at illuminating the dark bodies of wild hogs than red lights are due to providing much greater contrast which is more easily perceived by the human eye. This is a dual advantage when you consider that due to the way a hog’s eye works, green light is more difficult for them to see than red light is.

Locating and illuminating hogs in the thick underbrush they tend to inhabit are not the only advantages offered by green hunting spotlights. Green hunting lights allow hunters to see further and with better clarity at night because the human eye is more receptive to green light compared to red. This allows game to be spotted at longer distances which can equal the difference between a successful hunt and going home empty-handed.

In addition, green hunting lights do not disrupt a hunter’s natural night vision as much as a white light would and green hunting lights do not attract annoying insects to the light source. Attracting fewer bugs adds to the comfort and enjoyment of any hunt at night when flying insects, such as mosquitoes, are out in force.

Larson Electronics has a wide range of green hunting lights and green spotlights available in a variety of versatile configurations. Configuration options aside from red or green light color include options such as wireless or wired, a variety of power cord options for any low voltage power source, rechargeable batteries, magnetic bases, handheld spotlights and a different levels of light output.

With such a wide selection of green hunting lights and green hunting spotlights, Larson Electronics is sure to have an option ideal for the needs of any hunter.

Hunt light. Hunt bright. Stay hidden.

Choose Larson Electronics for all your hunting light needs.

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