Bring Your Paint Spray Booth into the 21st Century

Fluorescents are a headache. Maintenance is costly and you find yourself replacing them more times than you can remember.

And when you need your lights the most, say in a paint spray booth where color clarity and detail matters, relying on fluorescents only makes the headache worse.

We say out with the old, and in with the new.

Upgrade to recessed LED paint spray booth lights. We promise what we have to offer won’t disappoint.

Fixture Features:

  • Hazardous area rated fixtures include front load and troffer design
  • Explosion proof models feature integral paint spray cutoff switches that shuts down paint spray systems when fixtures are opened
  • Models with rear-access doors for direct entry to the internal components for easy maintenance
  • Meet required class ratings for safe and effective lighting to be use in paint spray booths, clean rooms and industrial hazardous locations where accumulated paint and finish residues may be encountered
  • Provide maximum illumination with thin lighting profiles; Maximizes available space in hazardous locations, with lighting that produces true color for incredibly detailed work.
  • Have no breakable filaments or fragile housings
  • Illuminate instantly with no warmup or cool down time needed, for significantly extended lamp life
  • Run significantly cooler than fluorescents and contain no harmful gases, vapors or mercury, they are much safer and energy efficient
  • With our recessed LED fixtures, you can stress less and focus on your work more.

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