Hands-Free Sand/Media/Abrasion Blasting LED Lights

Sand, media, or abrasive blasting, whatever you call it, we know that the job comes with unusual territory and rough environmental conditions.

The safety and technical challenges that come with blasting in confined spaces can be hard to match, but our explosion proof abrasive blasting LED lighting systems are tailored to meet them all.

We offer magnetic mount LED lights for overhead and flood lighting, as well as nozzle/blast gun mounts with quick change lenses to illuminate the action directly. Scaffold and ladder mounted lamps and pedestal mounts area also available.

Sand blasting is messy, but our high-powered LED lighting cuts through the dust, and is waterproof and resistant to dirt, other particles and corrosion.

This hands-free media blasting lighting will provide you with the specialized equipment you need to get the job done quickly and safely.

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