Power Through the Night with these LED Tractor Lights

The most crucial times of the year for farmers, are also the busiest.

During planting and harvesting season everything must be completed in a timely matter, especially if you are trying to work with the elements and get all your seeds planted before a nice rain, or harvest your crops before a horrible storm comes in.

When it comes to protecting your livelihood, working into the night to get everything accomplished may be common, so having the most reliable and efficient lighting is necessary.

That’s why we’ve engineered complete LED light packages to outfit your tractor with the best Illumination to help you power through the night. These retrofit kits include replacements for existing HID light heads, since LEDs are significantly more durable and more efficient.

Our LED tractor packages are low profile and super simple to install.

They feature: versatile mounting options, unbreakable polycarbonate lenses, and IP67 and IP68 rated construction for waterproofing and resistance against dust, dirt and humidity.

Whether you’re looking for a tractor lighting system upgrade or replacement, Larson Electronics has exactly what you need.

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