Introducing Our New Line of LED Bollards

You may not know what a ‘bollard’ is just by hearing the name, but you’ve definitely seen them. You know those 3 to 4- foot-high cylindrical pole-like structures at the end of parking spaces, that stop you from plowing your car into a building? Yep, those are bollards.

Most people recognize them as solid structures for protection, but bollards actually have a variety of uses as illuminators too.

We’re excited to announce a brand-new line of LED bollards, perfect for lighting up walkways, building perimeters, landscapes and parking lots.

Our IP67 and IP65 rated LED bollards come in a variety of head shapes including: square and round open reveals, round curved domes, round flat tops, and square flat tops.

With color temperature options of 4000k, 4100k and 5000k, amber and clear lenses, they produce bright illumination suitable for many situations.

Our bollards also feature electronic drivers for easy operator control, aluminum vandal-resistant housing, and run on standard 120-277V AC.

Type III, Type V, louver and cone reflector optic options provide light projection for many indoor and outdoor situations.

All our bollards are listed for United States and Canada, and wet location approved.

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