Beat Daylight Saving Time w/ This Powerful LED Stadium Light

Daylight saving time is just around the corner (November 5). Are your outdoor lighting systems ready for the dark, cold winter season?

With the days getting shorter during this transition period, you need to keep high-activity areas illuminated. For stadiums, fields and large outdoor spaces, we have just the right set of lights for the job.

Our GAU-LTL series of outdoor, LED stadium lights offer superior illumination for businesses, schools, universities, camp sites, industrial operations, events and more.

You can choose from various models, based on your lighting preferences. Our 500-watt variant is capable of emitting up to 60,000 lumens, while offering IP67-rated waterproof protection. Going beyond its intended lifespan of 50,000+ hours70 percent of the unit’s lumen output is preservedafter 80,000+ hours for extreme reliability!

This model is offered in different wattages, from 90-250 watts. Other options include color temperature, beam angle (spot or flood), low voltage and cord length/type.

We offer several mounting options for this rugged luminary. The unit can be mounted on poles or on I-beams, via adjustable beam clamps. When mounted on a stand with wheels, the LED fixture serves as a portable light. For elevated lighting, the luminary can also be secured on trailer mounted light towers.

Head over to the link below to see the entire GAU-LTL LED stadium light series in action.

***Are your lighting needs temporary? For a cost-effective approach, you can rent this LED stadium light! Speak to us today for more info about our rental programs.***

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