Power Distribution Stations for Last-minute Summer Projects

Summer is coming to a close… We hope you’re having a productive summer season!

Before you know it, the winter holiday season will be here in full force. Considered to be one of the busiest times of the year, it’s important to get a head start on upcoming projects that could affect your schedule during this period.

To avoid unforeseen delays, many businesses aim to complete their projects before the holiday season approaches.

For ramping up operations before end-of-the-year celebrations, Larson Electronics offers portable power distribution stations.

Powering tools and equipment around temporary job sites and industrial facilities requires reliable power distribution. Our selection of indoor and outdoor power distribution units varies greatly, capable of meeting project requirements all the way up to 150 KVA (or larger)!

Customization is key to getting the most out of our power distribution stations. We can build systems specifically for your business, allowing you to choose, mix and match certain parts of the unit. This ensures you get a product that is fully usable and compatible with your equipment at the site.

Components open for customization includes: primary/secondary voltages, phase, types of panels or breakers, size of transformers, number and type of receptacles, cord/plug, construction of the station (materials, finish, portable components) and more!

For short term and one-time-use power distribution needs, we offer rentable options. This is a great choice for immediate or temporary power distribution requirements – without costly investments associated with upfront equipment purchases.

As a leading marketplace for all of your power distribution needs, we offer accessories and replacement parts to go with our products – from circuit breaker assemblies and AC disconnect switches, to steel carts and weatherproof cover plates!

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