Harvest season is coming – Don’t leave yourself in the dark.

At Larson Electronics, we understand that farming and ranching are ways of life. The work you do each day starts before the sun rises and ends when it’s finished, not when 5 o’clock hits.

With long days running into nights, you want to be sure you can see your surroundings and your equipment when the sun goes down. Our extensive line of long-lasting, heavy-duty farm equipment lighting goes beyond your average headlight.

We offer powerful and noticeable beacons, warning lights and towing lights to increase visibility of your trailers, tractors and other vehicles. And if you’re in an area lacking traditional power sources we have a solar-powered light series just for you. Our spotlights and tower mounted light systems are strong and far-reaching, to cover your fields and barns with bright workable illumination.

Harvest season is coming up and there will likely be many long nights. Don’t leave yourself in the dark and upgrade your equipment today.


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