Work in a dangerous place? This one thing could save your life.

It’s no surprise that the world is a dangerous place, especially if you’re traveling abroad or working in a high-risk environment for a military, tactical or construction job, where the possibility of finding yourself in a hostage situation may be much higher than normal.

Our universal handcuff keys open all brands of cuffs and can be hidden within clothing including shirts, pants, hat brims, and even sunglass cords. Made of durable thermoplastic resin blend, these lightweight, flat keys are concealed in a round shape design to hide their true intention. They can also evade metal detectors.

If you work in a dangerous environment a universal handcuff key could be the fine line between freedom and captivity. We offer a variety of colors that blend into neutral gear, and package options from 2 keys to 1,000 keys, so you can make sure all of your employees are just a little bit safer on the job.

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