Powerful, waterproof LEDs for Machine Vision and Industrial Automation

In the fields of industrial automation, factory manufacturing and food processing, machine vision lights are critical components for thorough inspections.

Powerful illumination is needed at various points of operation: from counting objects on the manufacturing belt and verifying serial numbers or markings, to scanning for defects and streamlining quality control.

These processes are typically sped up using machine vision cameras, image processing software and sensors to meet production quotas!

Designed to replace human inspectors, machine vision systems can operate 24 hours without breaks, while performing repetitive tasks with 100% accuracy. Because of this, reliable luminaries must be used to improve clarity and detection of serial codes, inconsistencies and other elements used for verification.

For machine vision systems, Larson Electronics offers robust, compact LEDs that are specially engineered for such applications.

LEDs, with long 50,000+ hour lifespans, rapid toggling features and low-heat properties, are perfect for machine vision lighting systems.

Part of the WDL series, the luminaries feature high color temperature and CRI ratings for intense illumination over the target. These solid-state units are IP67 waterproof and can be installed close to machine vision components without affecting long-term performance.

To suite the specific needs of businesses that use machine vision systems, customers can choose from various voltages (24V DC is the general standard for industrial machine vision operations), as well as color temperature ratings and lens type.

The lightweight lights cater to a range of machine lighting configurations, using bracket mounting tabs that secure the unit on flat surfaces. After mounting, operators have the option to adjust the light up to 180° before locking it into place.

Take your industrial operations to the next level, check out the link below to find a machine vision light that’s right for your business today!

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