Boost Productivity on the Work Site with Industrial Equipment Trailers

Taking on large projects? Looking for new ways to scale operations?

Massive, heavy-duty trailers are essential equipment for addressing such challenges. With industrial trailers, you could haul small machines and equipment to different locations around the site with minimal effort!

Larson Electronics manufactures rugged trailers for industrial work sites. Our units come equipped with must-have devices and features that can increase safety and productivity.

For projects that need elevated lighting, we carry trailers with light masts. These units can reach heights up to 30+ feet, feature LED or metal halide technology and offer wind resistance up to 125 mph! Models with generators are available for remote power requirements.

For beefing up security around the work site or outdoor event, our trailers with monitoring cameras are highly recommended. With a large foundational trailer holding the cameras up, you could store additional equipment on the trailer!

Hot, outdoor job sites are no longer an issue with trailer mounted water tanks and fans. Just in time for summer, these units can be elevated to cool hard-to-reach areas and deployed easily by wheeling the trailer around the location. Store drinking water on the trailer for hard-working employees – there’s plenty of room!

We also carry trailer mounted solutions for cold areas. Our trailers equipped with skis are perfect for getting around snowy terrain – they can get to areas traditional wheel-type trailers can’t reach!

Lastly, our line of solar trailers is ideal for remote, green power requirements. The renewable energy systems are efficient, quiet and reliable. Stop lugging around gas containers to power your generator. Deploy these solar trailers on the job site and it will charge itself, providing you with clean power!

Check out our industrial equipment trailers below to boost productivity in your business. We cater to customized requests and builds for our line of trailers – you dream it, we’ll make it!

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