Farm Equipment Lighting

Farm equipment lighting has come a long way in the past decade. The size of the fields as well as the equipment itself has grown immensely, creating the need for bigger and brighter lighting. We at Larson Electronics understand that your work doesn’t always stop when the sun goes down, which is why we have produced a line of high-quality farm equipment lighting.

Our affordable line of LEDEQ LED work lights have been specifically designed for use with heavy equipment. Each of the fixtures in this line-up feature ultra-bright IP67 rated CREE LEDs with a sturdy aluminum build and are able to withstand rough treatment. They are mounted using a U-bracket style trunnion mount, making vertical light direction adjustments easy to implement.

For those who need multiple lights, we offer a customizable light upgrade kit. This kit is comprised of our LEDEQ or LEDLB work lights drawn together for an intense amount of illumination. These LED light packages are perfect as an upgrade for equipment such as tractors, combines, bull dozers, graders and others of that nature. The ability to withstand rough treatment makes them perfect for mounting on your tractor as you plow through your fields late at night.

Out in the fields isn’t the only place that you will find the heavy-duty equipment used in farming. Many times farmers are required to drive their tractors to another location, which means that they have to take them out on the road. To lower the risk of accidents and injury, certain lighting requirements must be met. Farm tractors must have two forward facing headlights, a red taillight, and hazard-warning lights (white or amber on the front, red on the back). We can help you meet these requirements too! We offer a number of different strobe and beacon lights that are perfect for mounting on the back of your equipment. The convenient magnetic base creates a simple, yet strong, mount. This combined with the high-powered beam will help ensure that you are noticed no matter where you are.

Whether you are just getting started or packing up for the day, our farm equipment lights will be there for you, not matter what. Every single one is built to last and comes at an affordable price because obtaining quality lighting shouldn’t mean you have to empty your pockets.

Head on over to our website for more information on any of our Farm Equipment Lights and other products today!

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