Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Explosion Proof Handlamps

Explosion proof handlamps are must-have equipment in hazardous locations.

Larson Electronics is here to help you find the exact type you need for your business or project.

The lights in this series are capable of offering portable illumination for hazardous locations and temporary projects, such as quick plant turnarounds, MRO projects, oil fields, marine sites and tank cleaning.

1. Start with explosion proof ratings

Our explosion proof handlamps are designed for Class I, Division 1 & 2 and Class II, Division 1 & 2 environments.

Class I environments contain flammable gases and vapors, such as methane and butane. Examples of Class I sites include oil and gas facilities, wastewater plants, gas stations, paint spray booths and etc. Class II locations contain combustible dust, such as flour and metallic dust (magnesium). Examples of Class II sites include grain storage facilities.

When choosing an explosion proof handlamp, it is critical to match your facility with the classification of the unit.

2. Meet your requirements and specifications

Our explosion proof handlamps come with several heavy-duty builds for specific uses. For wet locations, we carry units that are IP67 waterproof rated. Our models with inline transformers are suitable for meeting strict UL requirements surrounding low voltage lighting applications. The inline transformer steps down high voltage (120-277V) to low voltage (12-24V AC or DC), which can help operators adhere to safety standards in hazardous locations.

For marine/saltwater lighting, check out our industrial handlamps that meet UL 1598A standards. We also offer vapor proof drop lights for corrosive or wet environments. These units are ideal for marine locations and food safe applications. For extreme outdoor environments, we recommend our drop lights with NEMA 4X ratings.

3. Address your project needs with cutting-edge features

The final step in choosing an explosion proof handlamp for your project is features. Do you need to light up hallways, dark paths (mining/construction) or large storage tanks? Sounds like you need explosion proof string lights with daisy chain features. These units can be linked together and attached to scaffoldings, holes, ropes and loops via C-hooks at the head of each fixture.

What about lights for inspections in confined spaces? We carry explosion proof lamps with cord reels to make such tasks more manageable and safer. For compatibility at the work site, you can customize the lamp’s cord type/cap, voltage, as well as choose from a variety of lighting technologies (LEDs, incandescent or fluorescent).

Now that you’re ready to choose an explosion proof handlamp, head over to the page below to get started:


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