Get Your String Lights Here: Illuminate Tunnels, Warehouses and Hallways

Long passageways and tunnels are common facility components in industrial sites. Lighting up these sections can be tricky and time consuming without proper equipment.

Traditionally, businesses installed and wired individual lamps at consistent intervals. This practice is extremely costly (parts and labor) and unsuitable for temporary lighting requirements.

A more cost-effective and productive solution includes heavy-duty string or tunnel lights.

These luminaries are designed to be connected and stretched over long hallways and tunnels using a single power source. You don’t have to individually setup every lamp!

We offer rugged and durable string lights for businesses that need to be able to quickly deploy a set of lights over connected sections of the work site. Our string lights are waterproof and feature hooks for easy mounting on compatible poles, slots and scaffoldings.

For permanent lighting configurations (useful for lighting up dark warehouses and tight passageways), our LED string lights are capable of lasting up to 50,000+ hours or a whopping 2,000+ days!

To cater to individual business lighting requirements, we can customize any of our work area string lights according to your needs! From the number of lamps and type of cord, to the voltage and length of the string, simply tell us what you need and we can build it.

Head over to the page below to choose a string light system that’s right for you:

Note: For hazardous locations, check out our selection of explosion proof string lights!

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