Keep Power Going on the Job Site 24/7 with Generator Powered Equipment

Running out of power is a leading cause of delays on the work site and projects in remote locations.

For times like these, relying solely on grid-charged batteries may not be sufficient – due to the large amounts of power needed to power lighting systems and industrial tools.

A failsafe solution to this crippling issue is generator powered equipment! Fuel-powered generators are capable of dishing out the power you need to keep operations going throughout the day or night.

Larson Electronics carries convenient, portable generator lighting assemblies that combine two crucial aspects of work on remote sites: power and lighting. These units feature high-intensity LED or metal halide lamps on extendable towers for elevated, wide area lighting.

Operators can power their tools and equipment using the generator (gas, LNG diesel or solar – we carry models that can handle your fueling preferences). The entire assembly is fixed on a cart for seamless transportation and deployment around the work site.

No more lugging around each component separately!

We offer scalable generator-powered lighting assemblies that are suitable for both small projects and large, remote work sites. For small projects, we recommend our mini light tower generator that can run continuously for six hours. This model is compact and sturdy.

For extreme power and lighting requirements, our trailer-mounted, hydraulic Megatower is what you need! This colossal tower can reach heights up to 74 feet, while dishing out 43 hours of continuous power. The LED lamps on this unit can illuminate great distances without ever needing to be plugged into the grid.

Don’t get caught without power on the job again. Check out our line of generator powered equipment below:

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